Snooki Fashion Label and Clothing Line

Snooki Fashion Clothing Line Reviewed

Oh. em. gee. MTV’s beloved shore-girl, Snooki, is talking about the release of her own clothing line. Let me just tell you that there is one thing that scares me more than heights, clowns, and the zombie apocalypse, and that thing hails from the Jersey Shore, Snooki.  Jiminy Christmas! The last thing I want to see is more Snooki, who is quite possibly one of the most annoying TV personalities and more importantly, one of the worst-dressed.

Snooki Fashion Label

Snooki Fashion Label

Snooki gained her celebrity status after whining, crying, fighting, and being a trashier version of Fran Drescher on MTV’s Jersey Shore. How she became an overnight sensation, I could not even begin to tell you. Though, as the trend seems to be going these days, this reality TV star is busting out her measuring tape and bust forms to bring more animal print and leggings to the masses. (Well, not that she’ll actually be using a measuring tape or a bust form, but ya’know someone in the Snooki clan will.)

Snooki Clothing Line Nazmiyal

Snooki Clothing Line

As if we weren’t free to traipse the streets without the Queen of Bridge and Tunnel on every corner, Snooki’s line has to be a joke. I’m sure it will fall into the ranks of fashion celeb catastrophes such as Jessica Simpson, J. Lo, Lauren Conrad, and other celebutantes whose names were splashed all across JC Penney, Sears and Wal-mart.

Snooki Fashion Clothing Line Nazmiyal

Snooki Fashion Clothing Line

Snooki, stick to what you do best. Though, I’m not really quite sure what that is nor does anyone else. Oh, wait, tanning! Stick to tanning, Snooki. Stick to tanning.

This fashion and design blog post about the Snooki clothing line and fashion label was published by Nazmiyal antique rugs which is located in the heart of  Manhattan, New York City.

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