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Kris Jenner’s Christmas Home Decor

Kris Jenner Gets House Designed by Jeff Leatham Is Ready With Decorated Christmas Tree and Home Decor

In a video for Architectural Digest Kris Jenner shows off her glamorous Christmas home designed by Jeff Leatham renowned celebrity florist designer. It took 24 hours to get the tree in and decorated with 10,000 lights with another 2000 lights for just the garlands.

Think about the Rockefeller Tree which was recently decorated with 50,000 Swarovski lights. Kris Jenner’s own tree for her foyer comes a close glittering second. Read our blog post on things to do by Rockefeller Center with enviable views of the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

Kris Jenner's House by Nazmiyal

Kris Jenner’s House With Giant Christmas Tree and Holiday Decor

Kris Jenner’s house revolves around the theme of candy, spelled Kandy with a K. Beautiful noble fir, Douglas-fir, and cedar branches loop around the balcony and main entrance of the home. The garlands surround not one, not two, but 5 breathtaking evergreens.

Sticking with the theme, the main Christmas tree is decorated with lights, large peppermint candies, and shiny red ornaments.

Kris Jenner Home Interior Decor by Namziyal

Kris Jenner Home Interior Decor With Christmas Tree and Garlands

Right by the tree stands a gorgeous custom-made red polar bear made of metal and glass. The sculpture stands next to the Christmas tree and beautifully finishes the Christmas decor in the foyer. Red and green are the perfect colors together and is a themes that can’t be over-done during Christmas.

See our blog post on decorating with red and green antique rugs.

Kris Jenner Home Decor With Holiday Christmas Tree by Nazmiyal

Kris Jenner Home Decor With Holiday Christmas Tree

A mid-century modern chandelier dangles from the ceiling on top of the Christmas tree, a mid-century modern design that pairs beautifully with the festive decor this year.

For the dining room, the mid-century modern theme continues. Bunches of red roses in the room decorate the table, while singular stems hang from the crystal chandeliers creating a dramatic but glamorous scene.

Kris Jenner's Home Christmas Table Decor Namziyal

Kris Jenner’s Home Christmas Table Decor

On the table, Kris Jenner and Jeff Leatham decided on plaid to bring a traditional aspect into her modern home. Traditional decor creates the much needed homey feel during the holidays when one wants to celebrate with family and close friends.

See our collection of Persian rugs that are used everywhere as a traditional staple in any home.

Kris Jenner's House Decorated For Christmas by Nazmiyal

Kris Jenner’s House Decorated For Christmas

Taking another direction from traditional, the fireplace in Kris Jenner’s Christmas home is very much modern in its expansive white decor, art installation, and technological reindeer that bob their heads.

A must add to your list of modern fireplaces for inspiration.

Share in the comments how you decorate your home for the holidays!

This interior design blog post about Kris Jenner’s Christmas home design was written by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs.

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