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Celebrities In Halloween Costumes

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is officially here, and with a weekend full of ghostly outings and ghastly gala events past, costumes were at their finest levels of style and design this year. It seems as though this year’s hottest costumes ranged from Black Swan to Snooki. Though, that being said, no one knows how to really celebrate the holiday of bobbing for apples and pumpkin carving like Hollywood’s finest.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes by nazmiyal

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Celebrities took to the streets this past weekend fully clad in their spooky’s finest. Parties raged on this weekend including Heidi Klum’s illustrious annual bash. This year’s party hosted by the supermodel took place at Tao in Midtown East and had Ms. Klum wowing guests with her shocking “body” suit.

Celebrity Heidi Klum Dressed Up In A Skeleton Halloween Costume - Nazmiyal

Celebrity Heidi Klum Dressed Up In A Skeleton Halloween Costume

With makeup and spray paint making her look like a part of the Bodies exhibit, Klum still remembered to rock the sky-high heels.

Klum among other celebutantes brought their finest on this lovely holiday, and I, for one, am dying to see what celebs will be dressed as tonight as the time has come to fully round the spark of the holiday season.

Check out a few of the celebrities that are all decked out  in their finest Halloween Costumes:

Celebrity Kim Kardashian Dressed Up In A Halloween Costume - Nazmiyal

Celebrity Kim Kardashian Dressed Up In A Halloween Costume

Celebrity Snooki In A Halloween Costume Nazmiyal

Celebrity Snooki In A Halloween Costume

Celebrities In Halloween Costumes - Nazmiyal

Celebrities In Halloween Costumes Through The Years

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