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Modern Retro 1990’s Fashion Trends

Retro 1990 Fashion Trends

Fashion has had a recent trend of repeating itself in the latter half of the century and especially into the 2000’s. We saw the return of 70’s gear full of peasant tops, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and flared jeans. Also, the return of the disco era came back full force with sequins galore and enough gold lamé to revive Studio 54 back from its grave.

The 80’s have been in full swing with punk attire and bold iconic colors of magenta, teal, chartreuse, and other vibrant pops. The time has come for the inevitable to happen–the return of 1990’s fashion.

1990's Inspired Women's Fashion by Nazmiyal

1990’s Inspired Women’s Fashion

One can hardly argue that the movie, Clueless, was the perfect depiction of fashion and life in the 90’s. Who wasn’t rocking the plaid mini-skirt/high sock combo or enough flannels to make the Brawny man weep? I remember being in my heyday totes strutting my stuff in my Jnco jeans, buffalo plaid flannel, and a backwards cap that was probably in the likes of some basketball team I never watched.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the 90’s are definitely back serving up some fierce fashion that will make you be spitting out all the totally’s, rads, as-ifs, and what-ever’s your little heart desires.

1990's Inspired Women's Retro Fashion Trends by Nazmiyal

1990’s Inspired Women’s Retro Fashion Trends

We first began to see a sudden surge of 90’s fashion with the rise of plaid popularized by none other than the trendsetting/trend-killing Brooklyn hipster. These days, we’re taking 90’s fashion a step further bringing back sleeveless jackets, sock and wedge combos, double-breasted suits, and more gold accessories than King Midas, himself, could ever have imagined.

Pant and jean modern trends are bringing blasting the drop crotch–a nod to the ever-so-popular baggy jean and how we can we possibly forget about the harem pant. Yes, the 90’s are back and making a serious stylish splash all across page six.

1990's Fashion - Modern Retro Fashion Trends

1990’s Fashion – Modern Retro Fashion Trends

Check out some of our favorite looks and 1990 fashion trends here:

1990's Retro Fashion By Nazmiyal

1990’s Retro Fashion – Women’s Denim Shirt and High Waisted Jeans.

1990's Women's Fashion Trends Nazmiyal

1990’s Women’s Fashion Trends – High Cut Shot Shots

Women's 1990's Retro Fashion Trends by Nazmiyal

Women’s 1990’s Retro Fashion Trends

This fashion blog about the recent resurgence of 1990 fashion trends was published by: Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in New York City.

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