Victorian House Styles

What, Exactly, is a Victorian House?

Victorian houses are homes in an architecture style you’ve more than likely seen before. This ornate architectural category encompasses many distinct sub-styles. Each one is equally as stunning. Let’s explore this major architectural style, where it came from, and what defines it.

History of the Victorian House

Victorian homes were originally a British architectural style. They originated during the reign of Queen Victoria in 1837 – 1901, which is where the name comes from. This style, although now so iconic in and of itself, actually borrows from many different architectural styles before it. Gothic and Romanesque architecture were heavy influences. At the time of the height of the style’s popularity, the British Empire reached far and wide. This is why the style is also so popular in places like the United States, Australia, and other countries that were colonized by Britain at that time.

The Industrial Revolution also had a heavy influence on the Victorian house style. At this time there were huge advances in both transportation and manufacturing, making building high quality homes quickly and with creative liberty possible. This era allowed architects more freedom to create ornate, decorative homes rather than the simple utilitarian buildings that had been common previously. As such, Victorian houses are lavishly decorated and often seen in colorful paint colors.

Victorian House Style Yellow Nazmiyal

The lavish Victorian house style.

Styles of Victorian Houses

The “Victorian house” architectural style is actually a major, overarching category of more specific architectural styles. They all look similar, but have varying elements depending on the subcategory. The more that you study the different types of Victorian houses, the easier it becomes to recognize each one for what it is.

The Queen Anne home is probably the style that is most associated with the Victorian architecture style. Unlike many other home styles of the time, the floor plan and exterior are generally asymmetrical. These homes are incredibly elaborate and spare no decorative addition. You will see porches, bay windows, towers, turrets, and trimming. Usually, the Queen Anne homes are painted in bright colors.

Queen Anne Victorian House Nazmiyal

A Queen Anne Victorian house.

Gothic Revival Victorian homes hold influence from the Romantic arts movement as well as medieval architecture. These homes are visually reminiscent of stunning castles and churches from the middle ages. They often include pointed arches and windows.

Gothic Revival Victorian Architecture Nazmiyal

An example of the Gothic Revival style of Victorian architecture.

Italianate is another subcategory of Victorian homes. These buildings are generally lower and flatter, and modeled after Italian Renaissance villas. This style is the least ornamental and decorated of the group. However, true to being a Victorian house, it still does include a minimal amount of visual decoration.

Italianate Victorian House Nazmiyal

An Italianate Victorian house.

Elements of the Victorian House

Of course, as discussed before, different Victorian houses have different styles and different types of ornamentation. However there are a few defining features that are very commonly seen in Victorian homes and are definitive of the style. First, Victorian homes are usually colorful. This is one of the easiest ways to define a Victorian house. They will generally be two to three stories. A single story building is not usually classified as Victorian architecture. The roofs of the homes are typically steeply pitched and triangular. Less universal, but still common, are bay windows, turrets and dormers, and porches.

Victorian House Elements Nazmiyal

Victorian homes all have similar elements.

Victorian Home Decor

The interiors of Victorian houses are just as ornately decorated as their exteriors. The interior architecture is lavish and more asymmetrical than other home styles. Lots of stairways and hallways are typical, and there are less open plan spaces. There is usually lots of crown and base molding and ornamental trim throughout the home. These homes also have lots of space for entertaining, as socialization and hosting friends was very popular during the time the homes were built.

The decoration in Victorian style homes is usually just as opulent as the exteriors. Historically, the homes included ornate furniture with carved woodwork and upholstery, as well as plenty of heavy textiles. Velvets, silks, and other luxurious materials were common. The floors would be covered in large rugs, and tapestries draped from the walls.

Modern Victorian House Interior Nazmiyal

A modern Victorian house interior.

Currently, the interior designs of these homes are usually more modern-leaning. You will see them decorated in anything from farmhouse style to coastal style. The great thing about these homes is that they are so iconic on the exterior, yet can be decorated any way the resident wants inside.

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