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Times Square Redesign Revealed

NYC’s New Times Square Redesign Revealed

Times Square Redesign – We, New York’ers, spend a good part of our days walking around the city. We walk to work, home, school, the store, and sometimes, we even make the occasional trek to some of our city’s most beloved landmarks.

If you’ve followed my blog posts about New York city lifestyle, events, and living, you may have noticed my disdain for the overcrowding tourist spots in the city. In particular, there are many posts on Nazmiyal Blog about a certain spot that I adamantly steer clear of and badmouth on many occasions.

Times Square New York City - Nazmiyal

Times Square New York City

That place would have to be the heart of New York City, the most iconic place that non-New Yorkers flock to, and is undoubtedly the most overcrowded attraction in the United States of America–Times Square.

You may say, Philip, where are you going with what seems like one of your many rants? Well, let me tell you a little something-something, Times Square is getting a face lift. Yes, it is true. This past week a redesign of our beloved hub of touristas was revealed.

Times Square Redesign - Namziyal

Times Square Redesign

The redesign axes the poorly painted blue asphalt resembling the aftermath of a Smurf massacre, and with the new design, walking in Times Square will become much more tolerable.

Time Square Redesign - Nazmiyal

Time Square Redesign

Designers for the Times Square makeover are talking about getting rid of the questionably drive-able streets that cut through Times Square in making the area an all-walking-zone only. Leveling out the separation of the street and sidewalk will span the entire site making it easier to get around and walk through.

Also, the redesign shows a more “masculine” look with dark pavements and rivets that to go back to New York’s gritty roots. The price tag for the redesign? $27 million dollars.

Time Square New York City - Namiyal

Time Square New York City

Well, New Yorkers, the price tag is mighty hefty for a place we hardly frequent, but who knows, perhaps with the expansion, we will venture out into the dread and learn to really appreciate this iconic plaza. Stay tuned for the coming face-lift as I’m sure it will take years to complete on top of all the other renovations NYC is currently undergoing. Happy hunting!

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