Delancey Underground In NYC

Delancey Underground: A Subterranean Green Space

The High Line located in New York from the Meatpacking District up to Hell’s Kitchen has been one NYC’s hottest destination spots since its opening of section 1 in 2009. Originally used as an above ground railroad track to transport dangerous freight, the High Line has been transformed into a beautiful green space with breathtaking views of the west side of Manhattan and the Hudson River.

Delancey Underground - Nazmiyal

Delancey Underground

Now, we may have another abandoned train track turned into community green space on our hands. This time, the Delancey Underground will be located in the Lower East Side UNDERGROUND.

Delancey Underground Nazmiyal

Delancey Underground: A Subterranean Green Space

This underground playground will serve as a beautiful green Eco-friendly space, which developers have said that the original abandoned track is the size of Gramercy Park. By harvesting sunlight through advanced technology, plants and trees will have proper settings to grow underground. The preliminary pictures for the Delancey Subterranean Green Space are absolutely stunning and scream 2050 so loud, it’s not even funny.

Delancey Underground NYC - Nazmiyal

Delancey’s Underground NYC

What was the Delancey Underground project?

The Delancey Underground, also known as the Lowline, was a proposed underground park project in New York City. It aimed to transform an abandoned trolley terminal located beneath Delancey Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan into a vibrant public space.

The idea was conceived by James Ramsey, an architect, and Dan Barasch, an entrepreneur, in 2011. They wanted to repurpose the vacant Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal, which had been unused since 1948, and convert it into a green oasis for the community to enjoy.

The concept of the Lowline involved using innovative solar technology to bring natural sunlight into the subterranean space. A system of solar collectors on the street level would capture sunlight, channel it through fiber-optic cables, and then distribute it underground, providing the necessary light for plants and trees to grow. This technology was designed to create an underground park where visitors could experience the beauty of nature in a unique urban setting.

Delancey Underground In NYC by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Delancey Underground In NYC

The project gained significant attention and support from the public and various organizations. It was seen as a creative solution to repurposing abandoned spaces in densely populated cities and enhancing urban environments. However, the project faced numerous challenges, including funding, engineering complexities, and regulatory approvals.

In the years that followed, the team behind the Lowline conducted successful test installations and exhibitions to demonstrate the feasibility of their solar technology and park concept. These efforts helped raise awareness about the project and generate further interest.

As far as we know, the Delancey Underground project was still in development and fundraising stages. However, please note that the status of the project may have evolved since then, and we recommend checking more recent sources for the latest updates on the Lowline’s progress.

This architecture blog that talks about the NYC Delancey Underground project was published by Nazmiyal Rugs which is located in midtown, New York City.

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