Large Antique English Axminster Rug 3437

Size: 15 ft x 18 ft 10 in (4.57 m x 5.74 m)

Made in the grand neo-classical European tradition, this spectacular and impressive Antique Axminster carpet was England’s response to the French Savonnerie carpets produced for the French elite. This breathtaking antique rug, a large size antique Axminster English carpet, displays a series of concentric cartouche medallions with rich egg-and-dart and astragal moldings reminiscent of stuccoed and fresco-ed ceiling decor, lovely swags, and garlands appear to dangle and sway across the moldings and the intervening ground surfaces in burgundy, ivory and soft blue-green.

Beautiful Large Antique English Axminster Rug, Country Of Origin: England, Circa Date: 19th Century – This resplendent 19th century rug is adorned with lush floral garlands, acanthus scrolls and ornate architectural details influenced by neoclassical designs imported from France.

The antique English Axminster rugs were England’s 19th-century answer to French Aubusson and Savonnerie carpets. They reflect the same imitations of architectural designs found in the French carpets only many of them feature bold colors and have a unique English style. The design of this carpet mimics the ceiling of Victorian interiors and public buildings of the time. This grand piece was designed to make a bold statement in the space where it is the mark of luxury and elegance.

Axminster was established in 1755 to produce large-scale carpets, such as this piece. Its founder, Thomas Witty III, wanted to bring these unique and now antique rugs to the aristocracy. Inspired by imported Turkish rugs, he wanted to include the same level of detail and quality that made them favorites on the global market.

Axminster carpets were made from only the finest wool, and they used the symmetrical, or Ghiordes, knot to add extra durability and strength. This gives them a little stiffer handle, and they are not as supple as those produced with the Persian rug knot. This heavy quality was exactly what Witty was after in his designs. They bring the feeling of weight and scale to the room, complementing the larger architectural features of the space. Axminster carpets frequently mimicked other carpet styles, including Oriental, Ottoman, and French carpets, as this one does.

This English carpet is stately and makes the perfect complement for traditional furniture that includes sofas with cabriole legs, Victorian cabinets, and graceful wingback chairs. Its colors would be perfect for a Boudoir setting or to create a gentle retreat away from the rest of the home.

This large antique English Axminster rug could also fit into modern styles of furniture that feature curved backs and velvet upholstery in saturated colors. This carpet has a sophisticated and refined look that is perfect for any traditional or contemporary style. If you have a historic home and need a period piece for your estate, this rug will help you to recreate an authentic feel. It would make a fine collector’s piece or simply to add a touch of elegance to any home or office.

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