Rust Oversize Antique Persian Sultanabad Carpet 47267


Size: 15 ft x 24 ft (4.57 m x 7.32 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Refined yet well-defined, this arresting rust colored background large oversize antique Persian Sultanabad carpet displays an elegant allover large scale pattern with sweeping floral ornaments that fit the European aesthetic

Beautifully Vivid Rust Oversize Antique Persian Sultanabad Carpet , Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 – This brilliant large antique Persian Sultanabad carpet glows with artistic ingenuity and skilled craftsmanship. Its luminous jewel tone color hues and kaleidoscopic patterns create a remarkably vividly powerful yet happy impression. The plethora of colors is used to create a truly stunning and unforgettable aura.

Elegant floral design details are arranged in symmetrical swirls and mirror image depictions. The combination of symmetry and elegant pattern create an artistic impact that intrigues and fascinates the imagination.

The expansive central field of this breathtaking oversize antique Persian Sultanabad carpet is adorned with a bright rusty red hue. Against this bright colored backdrop, we find a complex floral pattern that is comprised with bright happy rug colors such as yellow, ivory, light royal blue and moss green. The images depicted are diverse in both color scheme and design. This creates a unique world of fascinating artistic flavors.

The combination of floral and geometric shapes are beautifully arranged and play off each other in an away that creates a vivid scene of movement and grandeur. The sleek diamonds, stretched ovals and triangular formations are so beautifully integrated with fanciful flourishes and bursting blooms.

The framing borders of this antique large oversized rug add even more sophistication and elegance to the facade of this grand antique carpet. The widest border is a rich light royal blue band embellished with an ornate white vine scroll motif that twists and coils around yellow, cream and rust florets, whose petals fan out in the likeness of exotic palms. Three thin guard borders flank each side of the main border, adding a lovely ornate and touch of delicacy.

With ideal portions of majesty and magnificence, this oversize antique Persian Sultanabad carpet features a sophisticated collection of large scale decorations that are impressively detailed. This antique rug will make a magnificent backdrop to any room’s interior decor. It is the kind of piece that will continue to astonish people for years to come.

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