Lady Gaga Photographs by Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga Releases A Terry Richardson Photography Book “Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson”

Well, it comes as no surprise that soon the biggest pop sensation and most photographed woman in the world is going to come out with a book of her very own portraiture. The likes of the world have seen numerous anthologies of celebrity pics including Madonna‘s infamous silver-sleeved, provocatively scandalous one.

Following in the likes of Madge, Lady Gaga will be shelling out her very own compilation of photographs shot by renowned photographer Terry Richardson.

The Lady Gaga Terry Richardson Photography Book by Nazmiyal

The Lady Gaga Terry Richardson Photography Book

Richardson is known throughout the industry for his erotic and sexually infused shots so, it’s suiting that he would be the man behind the lens for Gaga. Terry Richardson followed Lady Gaga over the past year shooting her during her Monster Ball tour and during the recording process of her latest album, Born This Way.

Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga Photo Shoot by nazmiyal

Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga Photo Shoot

Lady Gaga has been getting some serious backlash for her copycat styling for following in the footsteps of the iconic Queen of Pop, Madonna. I know I, personally, have lost some serious respect for Miss Gaga over the past year due to her mimicry and can only hope that her new book of photographs is not another dubbed over version of her predecessors.

Photographer Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga by Nazmiyal

Photographer Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga

I miss the days of Just Dance and Poker Face. I miss the old Gaga who wasn’t about “putting your paws up” or the days before she referred to herself as the “Mother Monster.” Aside from replicating the greats of modern-day pop music, Lady Gaga’s antics seem way too forced these days.

Yet, she still claims that she has not changed and is still the same Stefani Germanotta (Gaga’s real name). However, that seems to be questionable as I’m sure she was not parading around in meat dresses or being hatched out of an egg three years ago, let alone when she was just a baby “monster”.

Terry Richardson Photography of Lady Gaga by Nazmiyal

Terry Richardson Photography of Lady Gaga

All that being said, the book is set to drop in November. My other hope is that it’s not publicized to the point of nausea as her recent album was. If I see the S train decked out in complete Gaga ads, I will vomit. Only time will tell later this year what this new book of photographs will have in store for us.

Image of Lady Gaga By Photographer Terry Richardson by Nazmiyal

Image of Lady Gaga By Photographer Terry Richardson

Keep your eyes peeled as you peer through your diamond encrusted sunglasses with your bow-tie hair fixtures in place. When this bad boy drops, I’m sure there will be oodles of “little monsters” going absolutely gaga.

This art blog post about Lady Gaga and the release of her photography book, “Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson”, was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in New York City.

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