Artist Jason Seife Rug Paintings

The Rug Paintings Of Artist Jason Seife: A Fresh Perspective on a Traditional Art

The work of artist Jason Seife transforms the art of traditional Oriental carpets into spectacular creations. Seife’s work brings the traditional art of Persia into the modern world. His paintings contain impressive detail and represent carpets in designs and colors that were not traditionally used. These paintings bring traditional Persian carpet weaving to a new medium that must be experienced to understand completely.

Jason Seife Rug Paintings Nazmiyal

Rug painting by artist Jason Seife

Inspiration and Philosophy of Artist Jason Seife

Artist Jason Seife was born in 1989 and grew up with immigrant parents of Middle Eastern descent. Carpets were a large part of his world as he grew up. The artistic Jason Seife rug paintings are created using a tedious painting process. This rug painting process involves making tiny brush strokes to create large scale pieces that are as large and as intricate as the originals in some cases.

Jason Seife Painting Nazmiyal

A hand painted image inspired by Persian carpets, by Jason Seife.

Jason says that his art is both a spiritual and a therapeutic process. He often finds himself working long hours without lifting his brush or taking a break. Seife finds the geometry and intricate designs to be calming. Jason was drawn to Persian carpets because of their rich rug history and the meaning of the symbols and imagery of the traditional carpets.

Seife was fascinated by the way the symbols and designs on the antique rugs are connected to a specific tribe or geographic region. This connection to the work of the nomadic tribes also connects him to the people themselves. The symbols in the rugs create linkages between the various tribes and regions. It is a way of bringing people of different backgrounds and cultures together through a universal medium. This is what artist Jason Seife tries to create in his artworks of hand painted rugs: a sense of connection that brings people together.

Rug Painting by Jason Seife Break it Yourself | Nazmiyal

“Break it Yourself”, a hand-painted image of a Heriz carpet by Jason Seife.

Jason Seife Is Bringing Emotion To A Traditional Art

Artist Jason Seife claims that he is fascinated by the traditional carpets, but when he is creating a carpet, he tries to connect to his feelings and bring them out into the work. The color and patterns are created in the traditional style, but are the invention of his mind and the state of his emotions while he was creating the piece. In his way, he is able to fuse his present state of mind with the traditions of the past.

The creative process that Jason Seife uses to create his art rugs connects the traditional carpet weaving patterns to the modern world. His paintings of rugs are as fascinating and mesmerizing as the carpets themselves. Seife honors the traditions but does not recreate them exactly. He brings a new vision to the traditional world of Persian carpets.

Jason Seife Nazmiyal

Jason Seife paints incredibly detailed Persian Heriz rug images.

Jason says that he can look back at his paintings and can see a timeline of his emotions and emotional development over time. His works are a glimpse into a traditional art form and a rare look into the inner world of the artist. A part of himself and what he was feeling at the time are embedded into each piece.

Jason Seife’s artwork is a language of shape and color that is inspired by ancient tradition. It is both a reflection and an extension of the art of carpet weaving. Many of Jason’s paintings remind the viewer of the passage of time. The designs of the carpets range from bright and vibrant to somber and worn. His rug compositions are something that must be experienced in person to appreciate.

Antique Persian Tabriz Nazmiyal

A beautiful Persian Tabriz, just like one painted by Jason Seife.

His glimpse into the world of traditional Persian carpets will give you a new perspective that is the culmination of emotion and tradition. Most importantly, they bring the art of Persian carpet weaving into the world of fine art, giving it a new and fresh perspective that will allow the art to continue to be appreciated for many more generations.

Aimless Arrow by Jason Seife | Nazmiyal

“Aimless Arrow”, a hand-painted image of a Persian carpet by Jason Seife.

Below we selected a few pieces that we love that remind us of the beautiful rug paintings by artist Jason Seife:

Beautiful Antique Persian Serapi Rug Nazmiyal

Beautiful Antique Persian Serapi Rug

Aubergine Antique Persian Kerman Rug Nazmiyal

Aubergine Antique Persian Kerman Rug

Room Size Antique Persian Khorassan Rug Nazmiyal

Room Size Antique Persian Khorassan Rug

We love the work of Jason Seife and do not represent the artist or sell his pieces.

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