Savage Beauty by Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Show at the Met

Alexander McQueen was easily one of the most innovative and thought-provoking artists in recent times. Not only was he a fashion-designing force to be reckoned with nor was he a “perfect pair” to the likes of Lady Gaga.

No, McQueen was an absolute visionary who redefined fashion, silhouettes, beauty, art, and the runway show. It is one of my deepest sorrows that I have never and will never see a McQueen show as he sadly killed himself last year.

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Show at the Met by Nazmiyal

Alexander McQueen

How this creative genius changed the world of fashion in his short time is uncanny and can not be recreated or even compared to any other designer, house, or label.

McQueen’s designs were absolute works of “Savage Beauty” juxtaposing light and darkness, love and fear, and Gothic villainy and Victorian ethereality. This man, this genius, was and forever will be an icon to the world of fashion, design, and art.

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty by Nazmiyal

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Red Dress

His pieces have been expertly curated by Andrew Bolton who designed “Savage Beauty” at The Met with the utmost attention from the wall treatments to the music to the layout and displays.

Savage Beauty By Alexander McQueen by Nazmiyal

Savage Beauty By Alexander McQueen

Each room offers an experience, an experience that not only makes one feel as though they are McQueen’s Spring / Summer 1999 collection, but forces viewers deep into the mind of Alexander McQueen himself.

The entire exhibition is adorned with quotes and thoughts from McQueen that left me with a sense of haunt as if the visionary himself was holding my hand as I walked from room to room.

Robots Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Nazmiyal

Robots Painting Model At Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty

“Savage Beauty” which has been on display at The Met and is known for its hour long waits (sometimes more) had been extended but is tragically coming to a close on August 7, 2011. Make sure you check this experiential moment out for yourself.

The wait is definitely worth the majestic and bewildering awe in which you will undoubtedly succumb. Alexander McQueen: “Savage Beauty” brought to you by The Met and Andrew Bolton offer you a moment into the recesses of a legend’s heart and soul that will haunt you forever. Whatever you do, DO NOT let this exhibition disappear without stepping foot through its illustrious threshold.

For more information check out this video narrated by “Savage Beauty” curator, Andrew Bolton.

This art blog post about the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Show was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in New York City.

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