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NYC Interior Decorator Spotlight – Jed Johnson And Associates

Jed Johnson and Associates – Today we continue with featuring some of our favorite interior designers. In this post we will be showcasing one of the leaders in the field of Interior design and decor – Jed Johnson and Associates.

Jed Johnson Interior Design by Nazmiyal
Jed Johnson Interior Design

Jed Johnson and Associates, is currently helmed by long time and world renowned interior designers Arthur Dunnam and Heather Moore. This interior design firm, located in New York City, has been making a serious statement in the interior decorating industry. Their designs are known for focusing on timeless high-end decors, chic opulence and minimalist elegance.

Having served as a leading interior design firm over the past 50 years, Jed Johnson and Associates has withstood the test of time. Through their dedication to creating inviting spaces of classic decor with modernist hints, extreme knowledge in the field and decor materials of the utmost quality they are very much like the decors they create – timeless!

Jed Johnson And Associates by Nazmiyal
Jed Johnson And Associates

After being with the design firm for approximately 10 years, Arthur Dunnam became the interior design director of Jed Johnson And Associates, Inc. (about fifteen years ago). With 25 years of creative genius under his belt at Jed Johnson, it comes as no surprise that Arthur Dunnam has created stylish and innovative interior designs by adhering to the classic looks Jed Johnson prides itself on.

Arthur Dunnam is known for his use of unique antique finds to create living spaces that stand out among the mass and mainstream. His historical approach to design has led the firm to its peak pinnacle of classic interior design.

Jed Johnson Interior Design
Jed Johnson Interior Design

Heather Moore, a graduate of the Parsons school of design in New York City, is another force that is tandem with the Jed Johnson and associates firm. Her diverse background in commercial and residential interior design plays a heavy part in her design and decorating approach. Full of sophisticated style, Moore incorporates period pieces and design to convey comfortable and timeless interior decors.

Heather Moore has rose above the rest of her accolades and has become one of the most influential younger designers of the new millennium.

Jed Johnson by NAzmiyal
Jed Johnson

Below we have included a selection of interior design images from previous Jed Johnson Interior Design projects:

Jed Johnson Interior Design
Johnson Interior Design
Jed Johnson And Associates Interior Design
Jed Johnson And Associates Interior Design
Jed Johnson Interior Design
Johnson Interior Design
Jed Johnson Interior Design
Johnson Interior Design

Jed Johnson Associates
32 Ave of the Americas
# 20
New York, NY – 10013
(212) 707-8989

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