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Futuristic Living Room Home Decor

Funky and Futuristic Home Decor – Modern Living Room

Futuristic Home Decor and Funky Living Room Interior – Let tell you what, ladies and gents, the living room pictured above is the epitome of my life. It’s as if someone, whom I’ve never met, sectioned a piece of my brain, rearranged all the goodies meticulously, and plastered them all across page six.

And that is why this living room has been given the title of Philip’s Dream Living Space.

Funky Modern Living Room Interior Design Nazmiyal

Funky Modern Living Room Interior Design, Elle Decor

Why am I absolutely head over heels stalker-obsessed with this living room? First, let’s talk about the color. As previously stated in numerous posts of mine, I thoroughly enjoy the palette of reds, blacks, and whites.

The cross between the classic black and white with pops of red is a prime exemplar of modern color styling in interior design trends. Black walls, floors, and furniture offers clean lines and chic styling that will make any color pop drawing severe attention to accessories.

Futuristic Modern Chrome Freestanding Fireplace Decor Nazmiyal

Futuristic Modern Chrome Freestanding Fireplace Decor

Next, we move on to the decor. There’s something that screams mod marvels and futuristic funk about the Accenture depicted here. It’s a pure luxury that brings a slight tear to my eye when I see a 1960’s inspired vintage fireplace straight out of a model home during the Kennedy era that would put Sputnik back into orbit.

Modern Black Red and White Color Decor Styling

Modern Black Red and White Color Decor Styling

Pairing the vintage freestanding fireplace with a shag rug is a total mod must for home makeovers.

Funky Futuristic Wire Cage Coffee Table Nazmiyal

Funky Futuristic Wire Cage Coffee Table

When juxtaposed with the industrial wire mesh cage coffee table and retro accents, this room draws together a beautiful look of old and new taking the future of modern interior design straight into the new era. Nothing is hotter in design trends than the mixture of the old and the new to create a beautiful living space.

Well, there you have, the reason why this room is my dream living space. All systems are a go!

This interior design blog post about Futuristic Home Decor was published by Nazmiyal antique rugs located in the heart of New York City, NY.

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    I really love this interior design. It looks very sinister yet very classy. The combination of black, red and white always works for me. Well done!

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