Bamboo Home Interior Design Accents

Bamboo Home Interior Design and Accent Pieces

The Ultimate Guide to Bamboo Silk Rugs

There is something to be said about the undying love between a cute and cuddly panda bear and a delectable treat of bamboo. However, in terms of home accenture, bamboo is heating things up in the world of interior design accenture.

Yes, we have seen the likes of bamboo place-mats, walls coverings, and floor finishers, but bamboo has so much more to offer to your humble abode in every room of that swankified sanctuary.

Bathroom Bamboo Decor Nazmiyal

Bamboo Home Interiors – Bathroom Bamboo Decor

Whether you are decking out your bathroom in wood covered waste bins, toothbrush holders, and tissue box koozies or lighting up your room with modern-day Asian-inspired lighting looks encased in bamboo spherical designs, this modern-day wood accenture is packing some serious East into your Upper East Side town-home.

The look and feel of bamboo offer a clean and sleek look to your home and are no longer just for the Thai restaurant around the corner.

Modern bamboo Furniture Design Nazmiyal

Modern bamboo Furniture Design

We have seen some serious bamboo sightings littered through modern-day design when Japanese-style shinto-themed rooms surfaced in the early 2000’s, but this wooden medium is now making its way to making a new statement for the neo-home owner who is also decking out the duds with a sustainable and eco-friendly look. Nothing screams “BAM!” like the array of asian-inspired accessories and furnishings.

Bookcases, tables, lamps, and statement pieces are going back to their simple wooden design that offer clean linear designs and the sleek sheen of bamboo will have your place tickled pink with the new mod look of “green” living.

Bamboo Room Divider Home Interiors Nazmiyal

Bamboo Home Interiors Accents Piece – A Bamboo Room Divider

The versatility of this modern-day marvel will have you embodying your inner Mr. Miyagi while you wax on and show off your new chic home look. Whatever you do, don’t forget to thank your asian zodiac that bamboo is making a serious statement for those looking for a modern-day wooden look.

Get your organic goods in check to really liven things up. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t live a room that actually breathes life the moment you walk into it? Cautionary note: leave the ingestion of these puppies to the doe-eyed panda bears who will go vicious grizzly bear on you if you even think to take away their wooden crack. Happy hunting!

Bamboo Candle Holders Decor Accents Nazmiyal

Bamboo Decor Accents – Candle Holders

Bamboo Chair Decorative Interior Decor Nazmiyal

Decorative Interior Decor Accent Piece Bamboo Chair

Bamboo Birdcages Interior Design Accent Pieces Nazmiyal

Bamboo Interior Design Accent Pieces Birdcages

This interior decorating blog post about Bamboo Home Interior Accents was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC.

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