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Rugs by Famous Artists - Vintage designed Rugs by famous artists represents a collection of inspiring works of artists, architects, and master weavers from the past 200 years. From the ustadans of ancient Persia to Scandinavian modernists to French expressionists and European architects and designers, the rugs in this collection may vary in size, color and design, but all are desirable from a decorative and collectible standpoint. Some of these pieces portray the unique vision of the artist, which is realized in the ancient art of carpet weaving, while others are simply woven renditions of previously conceived sculptures and paintings. Carpets and Rugs from the Art / Painting world are textural and tactile works of art as diverse as the skilled craftsman and artists who designed and produced them. This page is dedicated to those Vintage Rugs  ( Rugs, Carpets & Tapestries ) that were designed by these artisan.

Explore our special collection of art carpets and signed rugs to experience their creative personality and innovative style. The creators of these exceptional antique and vintage pieces were serious artists and craftspeople who dedicated their lives to producing functional carpets that are truly works of art. An unfathomable amount of time and effort went into composing the intricate ornaments, selecting the perfect colors and weaving these impeccable carpets. Persian ustadans searched far and wide for the most talented dyers, and Scandinavian master weaver Ingrid Dessau clipped a lock of a hair to capture the perfect shade of gray. These artists spared nothing to create carpets and works of art that will always be outstanding. Enter the world of art carpets, and discover the creative ingenuity that differentiates these exceptional artisan rugs.

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Barbro Nilsson nee LundbergBarbro Nilsson (1899–1983) is one of the most renowned and respected designers and master weavers in Sweden's mid-century handcraft RenaissanceBarbro Nilsson Carpet

Ottavio Missoni

Ottavio "Tai" Missoni (1921—Present) is the patriarch of one of the most renowned design houses in Italy.
Vintage Missoni Textile Art

Anna Greta Sjöqvist -AGS

Anna Greta Sjoqvist AGS - was a prolific 20th century Swedish designer and weaver specializing in flatwoven carpets
Anna Greta Scandinavian Rugs

CorneilleCorneille was a co-founder of the CoBrA movement in the late 1940s - early 1950s and is recognized as a major player in the avant-garde era.Corneille Rugs

Salvador Dali RugsOne of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, Salvador Dali is renowned the world over for his unique and beautifully composed surrealist paintings.Salvador Dali Rugs

Marianne Richter (1916-2010)Until recently, Marianne Richter (1916-2010) was part of a core group of creative innovators who led a new wave of mid-century design emerging from Scandinavia.Vintage Swedish Rya Rug By Marianne Richter Ovralid 46853 - By Nazmiyal

Decore Installe Meuble / Decore Installe Meuble DIM ( Signed DM )Rugs signed DM and DIM Were made by the prestigious French design firm Décoration Intérieure Moderne also known as Décore-Installe-Meuble or DIM (1919 - 1953)Decoration Interieure Moderne Rugs

Aboul Ghasem KermaniUstadan Kermani is perhaps the most famous weaver from Kerman and is known for the quality and design of his rugs.Aboul Ghasem Kermani

Haji Jalili (Tabriz)Master weaver Haji Jalili (aka Hajijallili or Hajalili) is best known for his 20th century use of mixing lighter colors of pinks, gold and greys.Haji Jalili Tabriz

Hildebrand Hildo ) KropDutch sculptor and designer Hildebrand (Hildo) Krop (1884 – 1970) is one of the most versatile and multifaceted artists active during the 20th century.Hildebrand Hildo Krop Rugs

Joan MiroThe multi-discipline Catalan artist Joan Miro (1893 – 1983) was a pioneer and innovator in modern art.Joan Miro Rugs

John Kachel

John Kachel (1809-1889) was one of many independent designers and weavers operating in the Northeast and Midwest United States
John Kachel Coverlettes

 Art Deco Rug By Olga FischOlga FischOlga Fisch nee Anhalzer (1901-1990) was an extraordinary artist, art dealer and cultural advocate.

Roy LichtensteinRoy Lichtenstein, a giant of mod-century painting, incorporated elements of pulp art forms into designs reflective of more serious styles.Klockaregardens Hemslojd Rugs

Klockaregardens HemslojdThe Klockaregardens Hemslojd (circa 1937-1950) is one of many regional crafting societies that operated with Sweden's Hemslojd handcrafted stamp of approval.Klockaregardens Hemslojd Rugs

Jean Lurcat TapestryJean Lurcat:
Jean Lurcat (1892 - 1966) was an artist, innovator and pioneer who revitalized tapestry making in the 20th century.

Paul KleePaul Klee (1879 - 1940) was an important twentieth century German-Swiss painter. A pioneer of a distinctive cubist style, Klee remains one of the most influential abstract artists of the past century, admired for his free treatment of form and exciting designs.Paul Klee

Marc Saint SaënsMarc Saint-Saëns (1903-1979) was an influential French expressionist painter and tapestry artist responsible in parht for the renaissance and rebirth of French tapestry production in the 20th century.Marc Saint Saens Rugs

Marta Gahn (Märta Gahn)Marta Gahn / Märta Gahn (1891-1973) The Swedish master weaver had a long and successful career as a weaver and textile designer.Marta Ghan Rugs

Ethel Halvar AnderssonNow a nonagenarian, Ethel Halvar Andersson (1917 - present) is one of the most productive and accomplished textile designers and artisan weavers from Sweden's Värmland region.Ethel Halvar Andersson Rugs

Britta Rendahl-Ljusterdal

Britta Rendahl-Ljusterdal (1927 – present) Formerly associated with the Gammelstads Handväveri in northern Sweden, master weaver Britta Rendahl-Ljusterdal created an impressive number of carpets, flat-woven rugs and ecclesiastical works.
Britta Rendahl-Ljusterdal Rugs

Ingegerd Silow

Internationally known, Swedish designer and master weaver Ingegerd Silow (1916 – 2005) was deeply involved with social handcraft societies and commercial design firms in the mid-20th century during the golden-age of Scandinavian design.
Ingegerd Silow Rugs

Berit KoenigBerit Koenig was a productive designer and master carpet weaver associated with the Föreningen Svensk Hemslöjd, which is also known as the Swedish society for arts and handicrafts.Berit Koenig Rugs

Marta Maas Fjetterstrom
Marta Maas Fjatterstorm (Märta Måås Fjetterström) was one of the foremost central figures in Mid Century Swedish Woven / Textile Art.
Marta Mass Fjatterstorm Rugs

Mohtashem KashanUstadan Mohtashem is one of the most revered weavers of Kashan. His rugs are some of the highest quality Persian weavings.Mohtashem Kashsan Rugs

Pablo PicassoPablo Picasso - The abstract figures and cubist works of artist Pablo Picasso (1881 –1973) are among the most recognizable and well known works in 20th centuryPablo Picasso Rugs

Pierre CardinBorn in Italy, the award-winning French designer Pierre Cardin (1922 - ) has created an international brand with an impressively diverse range of products.Pierre Cardin Rugs

Rakel CallanderScandinavian carpet weaver and designer Rakel Callander (Rachel) Callander (circa 20th century) is responsible for creating some of the most memorable designsRakel Callander Rugs

Verner PantonThe Danish designer Verner Panton (1926-1998) is one of the single-most influential personas in mid-century pop-art and interior design.Verner Panton Rugs

Wassily KandinskyThis extraordinary modernist / Bauhaus French flat weave, taken from Wassily Kandinsky's watercolor "Horizontales," is a masterpiece of Abstract Expressionism.Wassily Kandinsky Rugs

Yaacov AgamBorn in 1928, Yaacov Agam (nee Yaakov Gipstein) is one of the bestselling Israeli artists.Yaacov Agam Rugs

Ziegler & Co.A Swiss firm, the Ziegler Company, based in Manchester, England that set up shop In Sultanabad, Persia.Ziegler Sultanabad Rugs

Elsa Gullberg

Born in 1886, Elsa was one of the earliest textile designers connected to the modern design movement.  She strove to make prominent designs affordable, and is known for her clean, classic, and contemporary designs.  She died in 1984, after a long, fruitful career.
Scandinavian Rugs by Artist Elsa Gullberg

Ulla Parkdal Ulla Parkdahl is a still active Swedish textile designer, born in 1939.  She is famous for her classic, minimal designs, which she describes as having "their own textile language."  She established her own design firm, Ulla Parkdahl Textil, in 1980, and exhibited her work regularly until 2007.Scandinavian Rugs By Artist Ulla Parkdal

Ingrid DessauIngrid Dessau was born in 1923 in Sweden, and died in 2000. She established a notable career as a textile designer, working at both the Helmslojden Craft Center, and Marta Maas Fjatterstorm Atelier under textile great Barbro Nilsson. Her work is distinguished by clever patterns and a modernization of traditional Swedish designs.
Scandinavian Rugs By Artist Ingrid Dessau

Barbro SprinchornBarbro Sprinchorn (1929–1973) was an innovative textile artist specializing in designing and crafting kilims, textiles, embroideries and decorative appliqués.Scandinavian Rug Designed By Barbro Sprinchorn