Square Antique Purple English Needlepoint Allover Floral Rug 71983


Size: 14 ft 3 in x 14 ft 8 in (4.34 m x 4.47 m)

Beautiful Purple Background Antique Allover Floral Design English Needlepoint Rug, Country Of Origin: England, Circa Date: 1900– This antique floral English Needlepoint rug is a beautiful and rare square size rug. This simple, floral rug has a gorgeous look and a soft texture that is reminiscent of the antique Savonnerie carpets and French Aubusson rugs. It was created in the early twentieth century and is a beautiful example of the needlepoint rugs from England.

These more romantic antique rugs have a refined and delicate look and feel. This gorgeous area rug style uses small floral elements in an allover rug pattern with a free flowing and flowering ribbon design as the frame. The carpet combines and impressive array of juxtaposing rug colors against a more purple mauve background as well as other natural floral elements. This creates a piece that is fresh and inspired by the natural world. This floral garden-inspired design is delicate and has an Arts and Crafts rug style feel.

The scale of the border, compared to the other motifs used throughout the design, make it appear larger. Yet this border still retains its delicate quality that it will carry into the rest of the room. This antique English needlepoint rug has a romantic quality and dreamy character that would make it perfect for creating a room that is contemporary and balanced. It would also be perfect for a room that has a classic feel with an elegant and refined character.

The design of this antique rug has a calming pastoral quality that is pretty and pleasing to the eye. If you are buying rugs for you home, this one would be the perfect piece for a historic Arts and Crafts home, or perhaps a late Victorian design one. It would also match perfectly with today’s contemporary styles that reflect the natural world and emphasize bringing a bit of the outdoors to the inside for a fresh feel. Regardless of your style, area rugs like this piece would be a beautiful addition to any space.

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