Large Antique Fine Persian Kerman Rug 50137


Size: 10 ft x 19 ft (3.05 m x 5.79 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Large Size Antique and Finely Woven Persian Kerman Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Late 19th Century – The impressive long and narrow wide gallery size of this area rug brings an almost sublime quality to the room and creates a sense of awe. The floral rug design features classic, tribal motifs and traditional design elements that demonstrate the artistic skill and mastery of rug designers of the turn of the 20th century.

This fine antique Persian Kerman area rug has a unique history and occupies a space in time that alludes to a period when the moguls of the early industrial era displayed these grand masterpieces in their homes and offices to show off their wealth. The classic designs of these Persian rugs can be traced back to the carpets that were created by formal weaving schools that created area carpets to be used in the palaces and public spaces of the Safavid Dynasty.

The designs of these gorgeous antique rugs continued to develop, but they still retained many of the favorite designs and color combinations that gives them an elegant and sophisticated feel. One thing that remained the same is that they continued to be pieces that were reserved for noblemen and the wealthier classes. Smaller pieces were created for the open market, but pieces of this size were typically commissioned and were created for a special purpose.

The unique size of this antique Kerman rug might indicate that it was a custom woven area rug that was created to fit into a specific room or space. Another clue that it was created in the formal rug weaving centers of Kerman is the precision in the execution of the design. The design of the oversized area rug will make the room look larger and give an impression of open space. The light blue rug color accents of the background and scale of the design enhance this effect.

Regardless of its history, this is a magnificent Persian Kerman area rug that one does not find often. This finely woven area rug would be perfect for a larger space or for a design where you want to tie different stylistic elements of the room together. This rug is a statement piece that is the right touch for a dining room, entranceway, or any other larger space. It is a suitable piece for a larger home, for an office, or other public space.

A large medallion fills the middle of this antique Persian rug, crafted with equal parts creamy white and more contrasting blue in an intricately elaborate motif. Pale from the effects of time, an antique sheen yet reveals precise stitches that pick out complex floral elements interlinked with quadrilateral symmetry. A tan background surrounds the medallion, brimming with stylized blossoms in white, blue and shades of brown.

Every flower, large or small, links to the greater whole with thin, dark stems. Feathery fronds and large blooms in an intricate, meditative array fill every corner of the antique rug’s central field, which is surrounded by a set of borders. Ornate floral decorations through the widest band of this antique Persian Kerman rug seem to spill over into the smaller bars, trailing vines and smaller flowers.

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