Large Antique Irish Arts And Crafts Donegal Rug 72201


Size: 13 ft x 16 ft 2 in (3.96 m x 4.93 m)
Origin: Irish Rugs

Beautiful Large Antique Irish Arts And Crafts Donegal Rug, Country Of Origin : Ireland, Circa Date: 1920 – Donegal Carpets was founded in 1898 by Alexander Morton. He was a textile manufacturer in Killybegs, near Ulster, Ireland. These rugs were created using Turkish knots and drew inspiration from popular Turkish and Persian carpets. During the last quarter of the 19th century, Persian carpets were experiencing a Renaissance, and it seems that everyone wanted in on it.

The popularity of Persian carpets inspired the designs of Donegal. They were found in Buckingham Palace, on Oceanliners that included the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, and in government offices in the UK and abroad. Persian carpets were a way to show off the newfound wealth of the industrial-age moguls.

This breathtaking Donegal carpet draws inspiration from the Persian vase carpets and their intricate floral designs. The colors are brilliant and inspired by the beautiful court carpets of the Persian Empire in the 17th century. Now, designers are once again infusing our homes and offices with bold colors. They are breaking modern rules about what colors go together and coming up with bold new ideas.

This carpet has a formal feel with its symmetry and grand design. It is also the perfect way to add color to your interior palette. If your home is dominated by neutrals that have been popular for several years, this rug adds energy. This carpet has the look and feel of a Persian masterpiece and would fit well into traditional decor, but it will stand out when used as part of a modern maximalist design.

Donegal Carpets are highly collectible, and this one is especially breathtaking. It will be the centerpiece of the room and will make an excellent piece to add to a layered mix of various patterns. Its graceful curves add movement and give it an elegant feel. This is a breathtaking piece that is an essential for your collection or to serve as inspiration for an expressive interior design that highlights your more sophisticated side.

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