Oversized Purple Antique Indian Agra Area Rug 45976

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Size: 14 ft x 20 ft 10 in (4.27 m x 6.35 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

This antique Indian carpet created in Agra features a splendid octofoil medallion encircled by an elegant array of arabesques, vinescrolls and lush palmettes. Magnificently styled, this antique Indian Agra rug, from the legendary carpet weaving center and city of Agra in India, depicts a grand octofoil medallion embellished with ogival curves and sweeping outlines. The beautifully abrashed field features a marvelous array of jewel tones that imitate an opalescent iridescence. The beautifully colored field is embellished with a labyrinthine maze of arabesques and broad vines crolls. Exquisite Shah Abbasi palmettes and flourishing tendrils create a majestic allover pattern that supports the central medallion. The soft, ivory-colored borders depict a fantastic pattern of reciprocating palmettes flanked by poly-chromatic Saz leaves. Subtle guard bands decorated with dainty floral motifs continue the exquisite jewel-tone color palette. The coordinating hues of burgundy, Byzantium purple, mauve and lavender are juxtaposed perfectly by the ivory background of this beautiful late 19th century antique Indian Agra rug from India.

Magnificent Light Purple Color Background Large Oversize Antique Indian Agra Area Rug, Country of Origin: India, Circa: Late 19th Century –  Agra was an Indian city that saw the rise and fall of many great empires. It was also known as a center that produced spectacular carpets with fine detail. This magnificent late 19th century example demonstrates the mastery of technique and design of the weavers.

Luscious purples, royal burgundies, and pinks stand out vividly against an ivory background. The rug is based on a central design motif with formal corners and a main border similar to other rugs of the region. However, the motifs themselves are rendered in a recognizably Indian manner, using complex shading and sweeping curves.

These antique rugs often found themselves gracing the entrance ways of public spaces such as the Taj Mahal, temples, palaces, and grand estates. This breathtakingly beautiful oversized light purple color antique Indian Agra Rug adds an air of formality and elegance to the room through its execution of fine detailed design and a beautiful color palette.

This antique oversized rug has a feeling of luxury and royalty that is apparent in many of the Indian rug designs of this time period. It stands as a timeless testimony to the grandeur of the great empires, and it still stands as a testimony to the sophistication and appreciation of beauty today.

This antique Indian Agra rug would make an excellent addition to any grand hall or entrance way, adding unique style and sense of stateliness to the space. The colors and designs of this spectacular rug from India are truly captivating and will be bring peace and harmony to any space where it can be the central focus of the room. The combination of the more modern approach to colors and timeless design pattern make this piece very easy to incorporate into a variety of interior design approaches.

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