Beautiful Large Size Allover Design Antique Moorish Style Spanish Rug 70408


Size: 11 ft 5 in x 17 ft 10 in (3.48 m x 5.44 m)
Origin: Spain Rugs

Beautiful Large Antique Spanish Rug, Country of Origin: Spain, Circa Date: 1920 – This gorgeous, earthy brown antique rug from Spain has an Art Deco rug feel infused with a uniquely Spanish character. It is a gorgeous piece that is perfect for defining an area in the room for conversation, dining, or a home office. Antique Spanish rugs are highly sought after because of their unique designs and color combinations that are the culmination of hundreds of years of rug weaving history and tradition.

The art of rug weaving in Spain goes back to the 8th century when the Moors invaded and took up residence for the next 700 years. They brought the tradition of making hand knotted pile rugs with them. This influence is often seen in Spanish rugs today. The influence of the Moors can be seen throughout many different art mediums in Spain, one of which is Spanish tiles. This rug has a design that is reminiscent of Spanish tiles or the repeating patterns that were often seen on the walls of mosques and Moorish rugs.

The scale of the design and the abstract feel of the rug give it a character that is perfect for art deco or retro decor. The abstract floral patterns give it a garden theme, making it perfect for bringing a touch of nature into your interior space. The antique rug colors are harmonious and soft, punctuated occasionally with vibrant pink in the true Spanish fashion.

This is a beautiful piece that is perfect for any room of the home. The execution of the design is precise and shows the skill of talented rug makers. The antique rugs from Spain are known for their softness, unique designs, and beautiful color palettes.

This roughly 12′ x 18′ size rug is a piece of artwork that will create a beautiful focal point in the room. You could easily pair it with traditional furniture in a historical home. The abstract design of the large size rug gives it a modern character that would also be perfect for contemporary styles where it could be used to soften hard lines and angles in the room. If your home features Spanish architecture, this rug is perfect. The history of Spain and its many visitors allowed for the development of a unique Spanish style that shows these influences, and this rug is an example of the exquisite artistry of Spanish weavers.

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