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How To Choose The Perfect Bedroom Rugs

Adding an area rug to a bedroom provides a whole host of wonderful benefits! Incorporating antique or vintage carpets is a great way to make a statement about one’s personality while adding some style to their room.

Bedroom Area Rug Interiors - Nazmiyal

Bedroom Area Rug Interiors

Besides, area rugs in the bedroom offer some functional benefits as well:

  • If the bedroom is upstairs an area rug makes a great sound buffer in order to keep the neighbors downstairs happy.
  • An area can be used to hide scratches, scuff marks, or accidental stains.
  • A nice area rug can provide warmth below foot when first stepped upon on those cold mornings.
  • An area rug can be used to break up a room, creating a more personal and intimate areas and settings.

An area rug can tie other stylistic choices in a room together and gives the impression of completeness. An area rug is great, if not for any other reason than to protect the floor from potential damage.

Casual Bedroom Decor With Layered Navajo Rugs - Nazmiyal

Casual Bedroom Decor With Layered Navajo Rugs

Before going out and buying a rug, it’s important that one determines what they want out of a rug in order to get the best “bang for their buck”.

How To Choose The Right Size Rug For Your Bedroom?

After a spot has been chosen for the bed, it is important that the overall “cover-able” space is measured so that the right rug size may be purchased. At a minimum, the length and width of the area where the rug is going to be laid down should be measured and noted.

If it is decided that the rug should cover the area around and beneath a bed, it is a good idea to measure – not just the bed but also the length and width of the extending floor around the bed. This will enable you to figure out the absolute minimum and maximum rug size range that you could potentially use in the bedroom.

Medallion Rug Bedroom Nazmiyal

Medallion Rug Bedroom

For a larger size bedroom where there is also space for amenities such as a desk, vanity, or seating arrangements, small area rugs can be used to section off and create different spaces in the bedroom with great effect. This approach will break up the bedroom into different areas and will give the bedroom a more open feel.

If the bedroom is on the smaller side, such as a room where there is not enough space for anything other than a bed, a large size rug, placed under and around the bed, may look better. This approach will tie in the room and make it feel more on the cozy intimate side rather than just a small size bedroom.

Bedroom Rugs Size Nazmiyal

Choose rugs for your bedroom in the right size.

How To Pick Area Rug Style To Complete the Bedroom Decor?

There are literally hundreds of different styles, looks and rug colors to choose from. Making a bedroom selection is all about showcasing one’s personal taste and style. If the bedroom is heavily decorated with pictures and brightly patterned comforters, a more toned down rug might be a wise choice to contrast with the more “busy” surroundings.

Oushak Bedroom Rug Nazmiyal

Oushak Carpet In A Bedroom

If the furniture deign and bedding in the bedroom are all in solid or more neutral colors, a more lively patterned bedroom rug may be just the thing to set the room off. Oriental rugs with patterns such as Paisley designs make great choices in this instance.

How To Select Bedroom Rugs Made From The Best Materials For Their Intended Use?

Aside from all the different rug style patterns and color choices available in the market, rugs and carpets also can also be made of a variety of different rug weaving materials. Depending on personal preference, how much traffic the room typically gets and whether or not pets may be involved, different materials may be more beneficial than others.

Classic Oriental Bedroom Rug - Nazmiyal

Classic Oriental Bedroom Rug

Silk rugs look great and can add some excitement to a room but pets and heavy traffic may leave the bedroom rug worse for wear sooner than later. For some more durable options, cotton and wool rugs offer greater durability and offer a much easier cleaning experience.

How To Accessorize Around The Bedroom Rug – Not The Other Way Around

When decorating your bedroom, selecting the appropriate style rug is better done sooner than later. Waiting until all the other stylistic choices and purchases have been made for a bedroom can make shopping for and matching a rug to the style of the room much more difficult. The ideal Bedroom rug should be the first item selected as it will much easier to decorate the room from the floor up rather than visa versa.

Bedroom Rugs Decor Nazmiyal

Accessorize around the bedroom rug.

For Inspiration, take a look at some of our favorite area rugs for your bedroom:

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