Selling Rugs On Consignment

Nazmiyal’s Policy For Selling Your Antique Rugs on Consignment

Consign Your Antique Rugs To Nazmiyal

Consign Your Antique Rugs To Nazmiyal To Sell On Your Behalf

Selling Rugs On Consignment – In certain instances, we may offer you to consign your rug to us, to sell on your behalf.

In such cases, we will ask you to ship your rug to us for evaluation. We will send you our UPS account information and will cover the costs associated with the shipping and insurance charges.

Once the carpet has arrived at our NYC rug gallery, we will examine it first hand. At this time, we will establish the fair Consignment value of your rug based on today’s market demands.

Once we agree on the price, Nazmiyal antique rugs will issue you a consignment agreement document.

Once your rug has sold, Nazmiyal will send you a check for the full agreed-upon consignment price within 7 business days.

If needed, selling rugs on consignment from private consumers, Nazmiyal will take care and pay, upfront, for all the rug cleaning and or restoration charges associated with getting your rug ready to be sold.






Selling Rugs On Consignment by Nazmiyal

Selling Rugs On Consignment

* Things to note about selling rugs on consignment:

1 – Consignment agreements are for a minimum of one year. During the consignment period, you will not be able to get the rug back.
2 – In the unlikely event that we are unable to agree on the consignment price, you will be responsible for shipping and insurance charges back to you.

** If your rug does not sell within one year:

A – We may try to negotiate a new consignment agreement.
B – You may request the return of your rug.
C – Nazmiyal may choose to return the rug to you.
D – You will be responsible for return shipping and insurance charges.
E – You will be responsible to reimburse Nazmiyal for the costs associated with getting your rug ready to be sold (such as cleaning and / or rug restoration).

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