What Is The Best Way Of Reselling Your Area Rugs?

Have beautiful area rugs but can use them anymore? Why not re-sell them so someone else could enjoy them!

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One of the most frequently asked rug questions that we get has to do with people wanting to learn how they can resell rugs that they already own or have just recently inherited. But how do you know where to go and which place will offer you a truly fair value for your area rugs?

What you need to prepare to be able to re-sell you rugs?

Before anyone could give you any advice and before you can actually re-sell your rugs, you need to get a few things in ready first.

What Is The Best Way Of Reselling Your Area Rugs - by Nazmiyal

What Is The Best Way Of Reselling Your Area Rugs?

Check list for reselling your rugs:

  • Photography: Take clear and well-lit photographs of each rug. High-quality rug images are crucial for attracting buyers and giving them a good understanding of the rugs’ appearance.
  • Rug Information: Prepare detailed information about each rug. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for buyers to assess the suitability of the rugs for their needs.

Naturally, the more you can have ready the better as it will help a rug expert asses the true worth of the rugs you want to sell. Especially if the expert is doing everything remotely.

In addition to the above, if you are re-selling your rugs and not doing it locally, you should keep in mind that you will probably need to ship your rugs to the buyer or company who will be selling them on your behalf. So you may need to learn how to roll up your rugs and get them ready to ship.

What is the best platform to sell rugs?

People keep asking us what platform is best for selling different types of area rugs. And I can see all kinds of suggestions posted online but in all honesty, I would suggest going to an expert to asses the true market value of the specific area rug styles that you own. We all want to be treated fairly when we are buying our area rugs so we expect, and deserve no less, when we want to sell them as well. Some of the suggestions make sense if you have lower quality cheaper and more commercial rugs.

Archival Image - Rug Merchants Selling A Rug To Tourists - Nazmiyal

Archival Image – Rug Merchants Selling A Rug To Tourists

How to re-sell your rugs if they are valuable or rare

If you discovered and got the confirmation that the rug that you want to sell has “true / significant resale value” then your best bet would be turn to someone specializes in area rugs. This is especially true with regards to antique rugs and vintage rugs that are more rare and sought after.

Nazmiyal can re-sell the rugs for you

We at Nazmiyal can help re-sell your rugs and secure the highest price on your behalf.

Depending on your needs, and timeframes, here are a few ways Nazmiyal can help you resell your rugs:
Resell Your Rugs Through Nazmiyal Rug Auctions by Nazmiyal

Resell Your Rugs Through Nazmiyal Rug Auctions

How to re-sell your rugs if they do not have any significant resale value / are more common / commercial

Sadly, not every buy or inheritance is a home run. Sometimes we get stuck with things such as rugs that we simply end up have to dump / get rid of. But, if you care about the environment, you don’t want to through your rugs away as they will end up in some landfill somewhere.

Here are some online platforms to consider trying to sell / liquidate / get rid of your rugs if they are not worth much:

  • eBay: This is our go to suggestion most times as eBay allows you to reach a diverse range of customers worldwide and provides options for auction-style or fixed-price listings.
  • Etsy: Etsy is known for its handmade and unique products, including rugs. It has a large customer base interested in artisanal and craft products.
  • Facebook Marketplace: As one of the largest social media platforms, Facebook Marketplace allows you to list your rugs and connect with potential buyers in your local area. It’s free to use and can be a great option for reaching a local audience. You can include product descriptions, images, and set your preferred selling price.
  • Craigslist: Craigslist is another popular online classifieds platform where you can post ads for rugs in your local area. Like Facebook Marketplace, it targets local buyers and sellers.
  • OfferUp: OfferUp is a mobile marketplace app that allows users to buy and sell items locally. It’s user-friendly and has a wide range of categories, including home goods like rugs.
  • Letgo: Letgo is another app-based platform for buying and selling used items locally. It’s known for its ease of use and quick listing process.
  • Nextdoor: Nextdoor is a neighborhood-focused social network that allows users to sell items to people in their local communities.
Selling and Reselling Your Area Rugs - Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Selling and Reselling Your Area Rugs

The above are great options if you have newly or recently made modern area rugs or rugs that are simply not that desirable for whatever reason.

Since the online marketplaces are continuously evolving, it’s essential to research the current state and popularity of these platforms as well as read the most recent reviews and experiences from other sellers before making a decision. In addition, using local marketplace platforms can be advantageous for selling rugs because you may be able to attract buyers who prefer to see the products in person before making a purchase. Additionally, when selling your rugs locally there are often no shipping fees involved since transactions typically happen within the same region.

This rug blog post that explains the best way of reselling your area rugs was published by Nazmiyal Rug Gallery in Manhattan NYC

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