Le Bain Rooftop Nightclub at the Standard Hotel NYC

The Le Bain Rooftop NYC Nightclub At The Standard

Le Bain Standard Hotel Rooftop Nightclub NYC – Look no further, New York’s hottest club is Le Bain located in the middle of the cobblestone streets of New York’s trendiest part of town in the Meatpacking District. The masterminds at The Standard Hotel have truly outdone themselves this time by bringing Le Bain to New York’ers looking to get wet and wild, glitteraly.

This place has EVERYTHING: Naomi Campbell lifeguards, bouncy sugar donut-shaped seating choices, Parisian-style crêpe hovels, and nautical-pirate people. It’s that thing when Brooklyn hipsters and fashionista trendsetters don their finest sailing gear of high-waisted shorts, Gucci leather boat shoes, and silk navy striped dresses from Theory paired with layers and layers of mesh tank tops from Marc Jacobs.

What really ties this look together is a single drop feather earring doubling as Paulie the Parrot, and of course, a tricorn hat directly from the Quaker Oats factory. Think Pirates of Penzance on acid.

Le Bain NYC at The Standard New York City Nazmiyal
Le Bain NYC at The Standard New York City

If you’re looking to have a good time, look no further. Le Bain has it all: in the middle of the club is a four-foot deep hot tub with luke warm water and more jets than an airforce base. This place offers 360 degree views of Manhattan, the Hudson, and our little midget friend across the way, New Jersey.

Don’t even get me started on the rooftop fully adorned with Brady Bunch Astroturf, enough lawn chairs to host a Mexican family reunion, and terry cloth ghost-rat people. It’s that thing when a 90 pound girl resembling an Olsen twin emerges from the hot tub looking like a drowned rat wrapped up in more towels than a soccer mom at a Bed, Bath, and Beyond semi annual sale.

Le Bain at the Standard New York City Nazmiyal
Le Bain at the Standard New York City

Seriously though, Le Bain is the hippest club this side of the Mississippi full of class and chic-trash. Once inside the door, after the 30 second elevator ride, and post-fighting your way through smoke and lasers, you’ll be sure to spot an array of characters from jaw-dropping model-types to middle-aged Asian German tourists who are ready to strip their skivvies and party in the hot tub.

Keep the Grey Goose flowing, the jets streaming, and the crêpes a cooking, Le Bain. Trust me, this is an experience you will never forget. Whatever you do, leave the fire hydrant people, Gizblow, and / or human suitcases at home. Le Bain already has all of that, silly! Bottoms up!

Standard Hotel Rooftop and Le Bain NYC Nazmiyal
Standard Hotel Rooftop and Le Bain NYC

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