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Antique Rug Gallery Intern Afterthoughts

Working at an Antique Rug Gallery

Antique Rug Gallery – What are you doing this summer? Generally, that is one of the first questions asked to a college student. Response: “I am an intern at an antique rug gallery.” Usually people have a double take when they hear this. Antique rugs are associated with a specific crowd, not a liberal arts student. But, as I explain to them, it all comes together. The term antique rugs is marred by misconceptions. It strays from the general art gallery mentality and instead focuses on a consumer oriented market, not the contemporary art scene.

antique rug gallery

Antique Rug

But what is the art scene? When I first began my mind was full of misconceptions and I had limited knowledge of the textile industry. Yet, beginning from day one a secret world unfurled before my eyes. These exquisite pieces contained a new language, one rich in history and design. The images dance in front of your eyes lingering a note of antiquity. The more I researched the more I needed to learn. Pieces came together, a story unfolded and I wrote away. To most a rug is simply a rug, but a rug is more than that, it is an object of art.

Although in the West they are not held to the same esteem as wall hangings, in the East they are highly prized. The significance behind these rugs unravels a stream of history. Sorting through the Internet, books, articles and photographs I learned that I need more information. Rugs became part of my daily conversation. Working with a knowledgeable staff granted a deeper understanding on the history of rugs.

Often running into questions that could not be answered from printed material I would get a tutorial, looking at the specifics and having each question answered. Each day was a new experience. As time progressed I could differentiate between various styles, making associations between regions. Work became a classroom and an area to escape to another time. As I explain to those who ask me what I did this past summer people understand and are eager to learn more. Writing and researching about rugs introduced me to the political climate and historical background of various regions. I entered a new world, one that gages multiple aspects of life and art. At Nazmiyal Collection I did more than write, I learned to delve into new regions and gain a new interest.

This Blog Post which talks about an interns thoughts about working at an antique rug gallery Was Published by Nazmiyal Antique Carpets in New York City, NYC.

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