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Jewish Hanukkah Holiday Table Setting

Setting a beautiful table for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah

Hanukkah holiday Table Setting – Hanukkah is the Jewish festival of light and playing off of our most recent post, we decided to turn our attention to yet another December holiday, Hanukkah. Hanukkah, with its annual changing dates, is set to fall towards the tail-end of the December month smack dab in the Christmas debacle and pre-New Year’s celebrations galore.

With yet another holiday to look to, one must be readily clad to don another table setting full of tradition, menorah lighting, and eight days of holiday festivities.

Hanukkah holiday Table Setting Namiyal

Beautiful Hanukkah Holiday Table Setting

This Hanukkah season, decking the table with a beautiful color palette of blue, silver, and white fills our Jewish celebrators with a spread of holiday cheer. Teal and white throw in a mix of popping colors accented with silver trimmings leaves  homes not only full of candlelight but chic and stylish design.

Hanukkah Decor Tips

Hanukkah Decor Tips

Tradition at its finest for this festive gathering illuminates crisp and clean decor with intermixing of modern approaches in terms of center pieces and accent pieces.

The centerpiece for such table designs comes as no surprise to center around a beautiful classic or modern menorah with dripping tapered candles. Fresh cut lilies immersed in water add a sense of modern spice to the table and adding modern star ornamental statement pieces brings the table into full chic status.

Festive Modern Hanukkah Table Setting Nazmiyal

Festive Modern Hanukkah Table Setting

Modern design trends are leaning towards sunburst shimmering stars that are well-crafted and spike the table with superior style. Also, surrounding the centerpiece, one may turn to stars of David, vintage dradles, and glimmering tchotchke.

Below are some images of Hanukkah holiday table setting designs for the celebration of the Jewish Festival of Lights:

Festive Hanukkah Place Setting Nazmiyal

Festive Hanukkah Place Setting

Jewish Holiday Hanukkah Table Setting Nazmiyal

Jewish Holiday Hanukkah Table Setting

Hanukkah Jewish Holiday Table Setting Nazmiyal

Hanukkah Jewish Holiday Table Setting

Hanukkah Holiday Table Setting Nazmiyal

Hanukkah Holiday Table Setting

Festive Holiday Table Setting For Hanukkah Nazmiyal

Festive Holiday Table Setting For Hanukkah

Jewish Holiday Festive Hanukkah Table Setting Nazmiyal

Jewish Holiday Festive Hanukkah Table Setting

This design blog post about Hanukkah holiday table setting was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs Located in the heart Manhattan New York City, NY.

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