Choosing Rugs for the Home vs. for a Business

Differences Between a Rug for Home and a Rug for Business

Everyone who has ever bought a rug knows that there is a lot of thought and consideration that goes into choosing just the right one. You need to take into consideration the size and shape of the room, the purpose of the room, the surrounding decor, and many other factors. But what about when you’re choosing a rug for a space that isn’t in your home? There are lots of additional factors that come into play when you choose a rug for a business rather than your home. We explore some of the most important things to take into consideration for each one.

Choosing a Rug for Home

The simplest way to explain the process for selecting a home rug is that you choose with your heart. You choose something that you truly love, especially when it’s in a place that you will be seeing the carpet every day. The carpet should bring warmth and life to the home. Furthermore, logistically, you have a little bit more wiggle room when it comes to choosing the type of carpet you put in the home. Naturally, home rugs tend to get much less foot traffic than rugs in a public setting, so your decision doesn’t need to be purely based on considerations like durability. A rug with a low pile or even something that is shabby chic will do perfectly in a home setting.

Home Rugs Shabby Chic Nazmiyal

Shabby chic rugs are perfect for the home.

Choosing a Rug for Business

Choosing a rug for your business comes with an entirely different set of considerations than choosing a rug for your home. While home rugs are chosen with the heart, business rugs should be chosen with considerations for both practicality and the feeling that it will give customers when they walk in. Logistically, consider that the rug will probably get a good amount of foot traffic. In that case, you’ll want to pick a rug that is in good condition, and consider richer colors to hide any dirt or accidents.

Business Rugs Nazmiyal

Persian rugs in rich colors are ideal for a business.

Many businesses such as law offices have antique Persian rugs such as Bidjar rugs. These rugs can take a good amount of abuse without showing wear. They are even referred to as “three generation rugs” or “iron rugs” because they are so densely woven and will last a long time. The richer colors also play a part in making others feel “small” as well as giving a feel of strength, good taste and that the business is strong.

General Considerations

Now that you know some of the most important factors for choosing a rug for your home vs. for a business, we’ve put together a selection of rugs that would be perfect for your home or business. If you still need some help choosing the right carpet for your specific situation, our experts are ready to help you choose the perfect piece. Contact us and we’ll find your dream rug together.

Carpets from the Nazmiyal Collection for home or business:

Oversized Antique Persian Bidjar Rug Nazmiyal

Oversized Antique Persian Bidjar Rug

Large Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug Nazmiyal

Large Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug

This rug blog about the best rugs for home and for business was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs.

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