Oversized Antique Persian Ziegler Sultanabad Herati Rug 3325

Size: 17 ft 8 in x 22 ft 3 in (5.38 m x 6.78 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

The field of this classic Ziegler Mahal Sultanabad carpet from Persia displays an outstanding version of the “Herati” design.

Beautiful Oversized Antique Persian Ziegler Sultanabad Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa date: Late 19th Century – The beautiful design coupled with this specific use of colors as well as the weave structure, lead us the believe that this piece was actually design by the famed Ziegler and co. Antique Persian Ziegler Sultanabad rugs are some of the more artistic and coveted antique rugs.

In this specific oversized antique Persian Ziegler Sultanabad rug we find a striking garden of jewel tone colors that grace the field of this spectacular antique Persian Sultanabad rug. Bright large scale herati fish design motifs dance across the main field, creating a vivid contrast and magnificent juxtaposition with the darker blue colored background. A brilliant rusty red main border frames the main design, and gives it a sense of proportion and space.

The use of contrast, both in color and form, are the most significant elements of this masterful and artistic antique oversized rug. The scale of the design motifs found in the main field of the antique Persian rug are unusually large. That said, they are actually decidedly smaller than those used in the main border.

In addition, the weaver chose to draw the attention to both the field and main border equally by making them proportional within the space of the design. The border not only accents the field but stands as a design element of its own.

The artist creates complexity by using combinations of a simple color palette in what seems to be an explosion of colors. The pallet features reds, blues, greys, mustard yellow, salmons and cream ivory. The attention to detail includes the use of several different colors, in ever-changing combinations, within each of the design element.

A sense of depth within the design is created by having some elements overlap others. The artist used design elements within design elements, such as in the leaves in the main border, which also contain a tiny floral design of their own. The use of horizontal and vertical symmetry gives the design a sense of order and balance.

The design elements of this oversized antique Persian Ziegler Sultanabad rug demonstrate the exquisite artistic skill of the master weaver. This beautiful rug would make the perfect addition to any traditional or modern interior decor that needs a true heirloom caliber statement piece.

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