Tim Burton Macys Thanksgiving Day Floats

Tim Burton’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Floats

Who is Tim Burton?

Tim Burton is an American filmmaker, director, producer, and artist known for his unique and imaginative style, characterized by dark and gothic themes, quirky characters, and fantastical settings. He was born on August 25, 1958, in Burbank, California, USA.

Burton’s career began at Disney, where he worked as an animator and concept artist. He gained recognition for his early short films, such as “Vincent” (1982) and “Frankenweenie” (1984), which showcased his distinctive storytelling and visual style.

In 1985, Tim Burton directed his first feature-length film, “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure,” which was a critical and commercial success. However, it was his subsequent film, “Beetlejuice” (1988), that established him as a prominent director with a unique vision.

Burton’s most celebrated works include:

  • “Batman” (1989) and “Batman Returns” (1992) – Iconic adaptations of the DC Comics character Batman, starring Michael Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne.
  • “Edward Scissorhands” (1990) – A dark fairy tale about a young man with scissors for hands, played by Johnny Depp, who is taken in by a suburban family.
  • “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993) – An animated musical fantasy film that Burton produced and conceived, directed by Henry Selick.
  • “Mars Attacks!” (1996) – A comedic sci-fi film featuring an ensemble cast facing an alien invasion.
  • “Big Fish” (2003) – A fantasy drama about a father’s larger-than-life stories and his relationship with his son.
  • “Corpse Bride” (2005) – A stop-motion animated film about a young man who accidentally proposes to a deceased bride while rehearsing his wedding vows.
  • “Alice in Wonderland” (2010) – A fantasy adventure film that reimagines Lewis Carroll’s classic story, starring Mia Wasikowska as Alice.

Tim Burton’s films often feature collaborations with actor Johnny Depp and composer Danny Elfman, further contributing to his distinctive cinematic universe. His unique blend of dark and whimsical elements has made him a significant figure in popular culture, influencing many filmmakers and artists.

Beyond filmmaking, Tim Burton is also known for his art and illustrations, often showcasing his macabre and imaginative style. He continues to be an influential and beloved figure in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with his distinctive storytelling and visual flair.

Tim Burton’s Thanksgiving Day Floats For Macy’s

Tim Burton, legendary filmmaker, Gothic fashionisto, visionary genius, and one of my all-time favorite people who has ever roamed the earth, is set to create yet another splash during our holiday festive season with his debut as a float-maker for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This time, Mr. Burton is conjuring up a spectacle joining the likes of iconic children’s characters such as Snoopy, Garfield, and whatever winds up being this season’s hottest Disney character.

Tim Burton’s B Boy Float At Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Nazmiyal

Tim Burton’s B Boy Float At Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Making the likes of his imaginary and fantastical world family friendly, Tim Burton is diving head-first into his new character akin to Jack Skellington, Coraline (which he did not direct, but one might easily make the mistake of believing he did), and famous characters of the movie, 9, which he produced back in 2009.

Snoopy Float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade NYC - nazmiyal

Snoopy Float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade NYC

B. Boy is yet another tragic, yet misunderstood character that only Burton could imagine. Using a slew of balloons left over from children’s parties from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, this float set to début on our beloved Turkey Day will once again push the envelope of creative artistry and beautifully grim decor.

B. Boy Tim Burton Float Sketch For The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Nazmiyal

B. Boy Tim Burton Float Sketch For The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

I, for one, have not been this excited for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade since I was a wee little lad fully clad in my Scooby Doo pajamas and remember waking up at the crack of dawn just to get a great view in front of the TV and see my favorite cartoon characters. Not to mention, I’m still a big kid at heart and live my life vicariously through nostalgia and television programming of yesteryear.

Picture of Tim Burton - nazmiyal

Picture of Tim Burton

So, this year rile you post tryptophan-self out of bed, put the bunny slippers on, and reconnect with your old pals OR why not just make the trek to the streets of Herald Square and live out your childhood dreams. Either way, Burton’s float will definitely be quite the sight to see so, make sure you rise and shine and get down with Al Roker, Matt Lauer, and Meredith Vieira. Happy festivus, ya’ll!

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