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Sue Firestone Of SFA Interiors

Interior Designer Spotlight: Sue Firestone Picks Seven from The Nazmiyal Collection

Next up in our Designer’s Pick series is Sue Firestone of SFA design. From penthouses to hotels, she has become a force across the interior design world, and a favorite among A-listers. Most well known for creating the holy grail of luxury lifestyle interiors, she has mastered chic California-style.

Sue Firestone, Interior Designer , SFA Design, Nazmiyal

Sue Firestone of SFA Design

When she is not hard at work designing homes, Sue is also a designer for Kravet and A. Rudin where she creates beautiful 70’s-inspired, bohemian style fabrics and natural Californian style furniture.

Not only is Sue one of the best interior designers in the country, she also happens to be one of the warmest most loving people Nazmiyal has ever had the pleasure of working with.

Ocean Front Master Bedroom by Sue Firestone, Nazmiyal

Ocean Front Master Bedroom by Sue Firestone.

Ocean Front Great Room by Sue Firestone, Nazmiyal

Ocean Front Great Room by Sue Firestone.

So, without further ado, lets get a window into the inner workings of this supreme taste maker!

Here are Firestone’s Seven Picks from The Nazmiyal Collection and Why:

1. Vintage Moroccan rug (45598)

Vintage Moroccan rug, Nazmiyal

“I love this rug for its primitively simplicity and would love to see it in a family room or under my new furniture collection for A.Rudin!”

2. Oversized Antique Persian Khorassan Rug (48825)

Oversized Antique Persian Khorassan Rug, Nazmiyal

“This rug would be excellent for a formal grand living room in a large mansion or home- it would work with neoclassical furniture or very traditional; I love the detail and subtle formality.”

3. Finely Woven Large Antique Persian Kerman Rug (44616)

 Finely Woven Large Antique Persian Kerman Rug, Nazmiyal

“I love this rug for a great room in a California ranch style classical home; neurtral but warm in it’s tones and I like the blue accent.”

4. Large Light Gray Persian Malayer Rug (48882)

Large Light Gray Persian Malayer Rug, Nazmiyal

“The soft tones of this Majestic rug makes for a warm backdrop for a great room in a mountain home or private club. It can handle over scale furniture from contemporary to traditional in style.”

5. Antique Oversized Turkish Oushak Rug (50239)

Antique Oversized Turkish Oushak Rug, Nazmiyal

“Fantastic rug of a grand entry of a mansion or even classic hotel lobby. The sunset tones are a perfect welcome to either.”

6. Large Ivory Background Turkish Antique Oushak Rug (50666)

Large Ivory Background Turkish Antique Oushak Rug, Nazmiyal

“Perfect rug for a formal living room in a classical estate in any location…. any style of furnishings can be used on the golden borders with the beautiful neutral center.”

7. Antique Floral Persian Khorassan Rug (49210)

Antique Floral Persian Khorassan Rug, Nazmiyal

“This rug is ideal for a formal “hers” office. More and more we find women deserve a home office as their careers’ are as VIP as their husbands!”

Visit Sue Firestone’s website to see her extraordinary portfolio by clicking here.

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