Mad Men Fashion Set to Launch at Banana Republic

Banana Republic Mad Men Collection 2011

There comes a time that the creative geniuses of our television and media worlds create something, a show, movie, advertisement, etc., that undoubtedly captures the blackest hearts of New Yorkers. New York City has always been the city of dreams, lights, insomniacs, fashion, and career-obsessed, excessive coffee-guzzling, tough-as-nails, and hardworking individuals who will push someone down the stairs at a moment’s notice to get ahead. Nothing speaks dearer to our hearts than the everyone’s favorite 1960′s-inspired show, Mad Men. 

Banana Republic Mad Men Mens Collection 2011

If you haven’t been paying attention to AMC’s finest invention since sliced bread, (not that AMC invented sliced-bread and what bread isn’t sliced theses days?) Mad Men follows our everyday mod-man, Don Draper as he rules the world of 1960s advertising agencies of pre-hipster New York. AMC’s hit show is known for its historical depiction of New York, its string of racy storylines, and most importantly, for its Twiggy-themed mod fashion design.

Banana Republic Mad Men Womens Collection 2011

The days of bow ties, tweed, three-piece suits, A-line dresses, and Jackie O-inspired attire are making a serious comeback into our fall fashion looks. The 1960s were iconic and classic where designers and fashionistas really started to change the way Americans looked at fashion incorporating a high-end european look into the wardrobe. Pill-box hats and Chanel suits created quite the buzz. Luxury goods became a common staple piece for the mod-man and woman dressed up in their Sunday’s best as they slaved away as creative directors and stenographers during their 9 to 5 daily grinds.

Banana Republic Mad Men Womens Collection 2011

Now, these looks which have been increasingly popularized 50 years later are showing up with a vengeance. Banana Republic is set to create their new line of Mad Men inspired stylings offered to the masses. Mad Men’s costume designer, Janie Bryant, is pairing up with good ol’ BR to bring her hot TV looks straight to the heart of commercial fashion. Yes, ladies and gents, you too can no look like Don Draper and Miss Peggy Olson. Keep your eye out in Mid August of this year for your 1960′s invasion and dress to seriously impress.

Banana Republic Mad Men Collection

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  1. So happy I have a mini-Mad Men fan club on here!! :D For you chickadees that haven’t seen it, it’s a show about ad men on Madison Avenue (hence “Mad Men”) in the early ’60s and their lives at work, at home with their wives, their raiaffs, inner struggles, etc. According to my grandfather (who worked at an ad firm in SF during that time), the whole show is 100% accurate of how it was back then. Clothing, furniture, sets and story lines — it’s all fabulous!

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