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Bunny Williams Interior Design

The Iconic NYC Based – Bunny Williams Interior Design

Our favorite interior decorators and designers, are those have been influential to the interior design industry for decades, whose use of antiques (especially antique rugs) and classical pieces are mixed with modern styling. So it comes as no surprise that this Spotlight Series shines light on the iconic Bunny Williams.

Bunny Williams has been a great influence in the interior design field for almost five decades. Williams started her own interior design firm in 1988 after 22 years at Parish-Hadley and Associates. Her design company and interior designs have been featured, on many occasions, in the top design magazines, as one of the leading and top design firms in the country.

Bunny Williams Interiors by Nazmiyal

Bunny Williams Interiors

Williams is known for her use of collective and ornate pieces that add a historical approach to her interiors. Her decorative styling approach focuses on a keen sense of attention, to every single detail on the rooms she designs.

Whether William’s designs are showing off a beautiful antique rug or a Ming vase from Ancient Chinese dynasties, her design work is exquisite and her taste is absolutely impeccable.

Interior Design by Bunny Williams Interiors - Nazmiyal

Interior Design by Bunny Williams Interiors

As a leading designer for over 40 years, Williams and her designers have held the helm and set the bar for the luxury high-end home decor field. Restrained opulence and disciplined attention to detail are what makes her interior designs true works of beauty and art.

Williams has also devoted herself to the Beloved Home and Garden Boutique where she co-owned Treillage, a home and garden furniture store that was located in NYC.

Bunny Williams Treillage Home And Garden Boutique Nazmiyal

Bunny Williams Treillage Home And Garden Boutique

Dining Room by Bunny Williams Interiors Nazmiyal

Dining Room by Bunny Williams Interiors

Interior Decor by Bunny Williams Nazmiyal

Interior Decor by Bunny Williams

This interior design blog post about the famed interior designer Bunny Williams, was published by Nazmiyal antique rugs, which is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, in New York City.

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