Small Unique Rare And Beautiful Antique Rich Jewel Tone Ukrainian Rug 47654


Size: 4 ft x 6 ft 9 in (1.22 m x 2.06 m)

This mesmerizingly beautiful antique Ukrainian rug is characterized by a series of colorful borders which frame an exciting, dynamic field of incredible complexity, the design of which creates the illusion of added dimensions.

A Unique Small Size Beautiful and Artistic Antique Ukrainian Rug, Woven In: Ukraine, Weave Date: Late 19th Century / Early 20th Century – The antique Ukrainian rugs are some of the most beautiful continental rugs in the world. While these types of area rugs tend to feature graceful floral and leaf patterns this one is is more unique in that it is extremely fresh and modern in both look and feel. This striking piece shows a highly developed skill level and masterful artistry in its ability to present the motifs as three-dimensional objects. This gives it an exquisite beauty that few other 19th century rugs can do.

This fetching antique Ukrainian rug features a slightly eccentric composition, which, while not completely unorthodox in its presentation, is nevertheless distinct: for it is is difficult to say precisely where the borders of this piece begin, and where they end, as the entire antique Ukrainian rug has the appearance of being made of many smaller geometric design figures. Beginning with the narrow outermost borders and working in, we have subsequently the border proper, which is red and decorated with ivory; an inner border of black, also with ivory detail; and then a purple inner border, boasting a handsome design that runs throughout. When we arrive at the field, we are greeted by a series of repeating circular figures- some of which are woven in different colors, creating the impression of further borders. An interesting, distinct work, this beautiful antique Ukrainian small rug is full of detail, and full of pleasant surprises.

Antique rugs from the Ukraine tend to feature designs reminiscent of many of the floral motifs that were found in rugs created in France during the same time period. Some may also show a distinctive influence from Persian rugs in their overall design and layout. In general, the [pieces from Ukrainian are some of the best rugs ever made as they are truly spectacularly artistic and bring all kinds of design elements together to create a unique and recognizable designs. That is why these rare and unique rugs tend to be the perfect area rugs for creating an elegant and exciting interior spaces.

Many of the rich and colorful rugs of Ukraine were inspired by the 18th-century French carpets that were popular in the Russian courts. They are distinguished from French rugs in that they have a more flowing and less formal layout. They also incorporate motifs with a more folk-art feel which made them popular in circles among both aristocratic and merchant classes.

The bright colors and unexpected design of this antique Ukrainian rug make it a perfect rug for people who are looking to buy truly unique area rugs. It has an energy and artistic theme that make it perfect for a Boho Chic or room that features bold floral motifs. This area rug is the perfect size for an urban apartment and would complement any room of the home, or you could use it as part of a beautiful layered rugs interior design look to add texture to the space. Rare and unique area rugs like this antique Ukrainian rug will be treasured by rug collectors and interior designers alike.

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