Square Size Mosaic Design Antique American Hooked Rug 49529

Size: 7 ft 7 in x 8 ft 8 in (2.31 m x 2.64 m)

Beautiful Square Size With A Mosaic Design Antique American Hooked Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: American Rug, Circa Date: 1925 – This antique American hooked carpet features a design that is beautifully reminiscent of an ancient mosaic tile floor.

The geometric design features very small squares that are indicative of mosaic tiles that would be part of a larger geometric inspired design. The rug’s design is comprised of larger squares that make up a central area as well as a border.

The play between earthy neutral colors and the more bold colors create much visual interest and intrigue. The square shape and size of the rug beautifully plays off of the square designs elements within the antique American rug itself.

The colors of the little tile squares are chosen and arranged in a way that the designs also become squares. As if creating a rug that is a square, withing a square that is within another square and so forth. This creates a continuous theme throughout the design of the antique rug.

Within the interior design of this rug there are two squares of solid color. These create a place for the eye to rest while traveling along this rug. Because the rug looks like a mosaic, these solid moments appear to be part of the design that offer a break between the tiles.

The use of the darker color in this region creates a beautiful contrast between these heavier lines and the delicacy of the lighter colored squares.

Needless to say, the more one spends time look at this beautiful example, the more appreciation they will have. So much attention was paid to the smallest of details in both the colors and design patterns. Though it may look simple at first, upon closer inspection, one can easily see how many different shades of color were actually used in order to achieve such a high level of depth.

A beautiful example, this antique American Hooked rug exemplifies the old saying – “less is more“.

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