Vintage Brown And Tan “Kurve” Verner Panton Textile 47794


Size: 4 ft 1 in x 8 ft 8 in (1.24 m x 2.64 m)

An Amazing Vintage Neutral Brown And Tan Color “Kurve” Verner Panton Textile, Country of Origin: Denmark, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century — Designed by the iconic Verner Panton, this vintage textile which features his signature repeated “Kurve” pattern. Here, the trademark pattern is elongated and transformed by the soft, earthy tones. Each of the three patterns are almost identical and share the same color scheme where the deepest brown shade is placed at the outermost line and the color gradient descends from light browns into a creamy beige at the center. In lieu of the warm, natural palette of this textile, the design transmits an organic feeling – the fluid pattern may draw associations of images found in nature to some viewers, such as mountains, waves, or clouds.

Lines which wander gently back and forth in waves and curves from light ivory to earthy brown and back again decorate this textile art rendered by Vernon Panton. The print could be a riverbed in a far away land filled. Panton leaves the actual subject matter up to the viewer’s imagination while remaining true to his vision of modern design. Panton uses playfully inviting elements of art to create appealing visions of design and decor.

This neutral colored vintage Panton Kurve textile is recognizably the work of the iconic mid century modern artist Verner Panton. Vibrant, lively colors and wavy shapes are being used to define modern interior designs. The vintage Panton textile fabrics can help to define an era in design, and his work continues to influence contemporary artists to this very day. This piece is called “Kurve” and is a wonderful example of the iconic mid century modern design.

These textile fabrics could be used in so many different ways to enhance the look of your interior design. You could use them as beautiful wall hanging tapestries to highlight a vintage retro or MCM influenced home.

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