Tribal Mid Century Modern Vintage Moroccan Rug 48395


Size: 3 ft 10 in x 8 ft 9 in (1.17 m x 2.67 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Tribal Simplistic and Beautiful Mid Century Modern Simplistic Vintage Moroccan Area Rug, Country Origin: Morocco, Date: Mid 20th Century — This abstract vintage tribal Moroccan rug features a creamy white un-dyed wool background with sand-colored and dark brown uniquely uneven zigzag pattern delicately tracing its length. The top end is two registers separated by horizontal lines, featuring half diamond shapes in the same colors, with the top register broken up with bright yellow half diamonds as well. The bottom features two registers separated by the sand-colored horizontal lines and then repeating the unique zigzag in both shades of brown. This design is at once rustic and yet also modern. The yellow pops from the earthy colors, adding the perfect touch of flair to this artistic and whimsical vintage rug from Morocco.

Bold geometric and a neutral color palette define the theme for this beautiful vintage mid 20th century rug from Morocco. The iconic shaggy Moroccan Berber rugs and carpets are traditionally known for their soft lush pile, as well as their unique, and often times, quite tribal and primitive rug designs. Mid century modern designers, including some famous names such as Frank Lloyd Wright, incorporated these vintage Moroccan rugs into many of their designs. This specific shaggy vintage Moroccan Berber carpet is an excellent example of this unique period in design and art history.

One of the characteristics that drew mid century modern designers to the mid century modern rugs from the Berber tribes was their free flowing natural folk art quality. The thickness of the lines often shows variations that are similar to a pen and ink drawing or an artists actual brushstroke. They use the artistic concepts of line and form, often breaking them up with an unexpected twist, as is seen in the arrows in the center of this shaggy vintage Moroccan Berber carpet.

These beautiful North African rugs add much interest and break up the harsh lines of an angular feels of modern interior design trends. This vintage Shag carpet, with its geometric structure and vertical design lines could be used to add texture to an organic or Eco-friendly interior design themed room, or to break up a harsh geometric design. The neutral colors and designs of the Moroccan Berber rug are versatile and could be used to achieve the number interior design goals in a number of different design schemes. This unique piece of mid-20th century design history would be just as comfortable in a number of different modern rooms in your home or office and would make an excellent conversation piece.

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