Beautiful European Vintage Art Deco Rug 2609


Size: 3 ft 4 in x 3 ft 11 in (1.02 m x 1.19 m)

This charming little vintage Arts and Crafts rug from Europe has a multi-colored reciprocal pattern of circles and concave squares.

Beautiful Small Size Vintage European Art Deco Rug, Country of Origin: Europe, Circa: First Quarter of the 20th century (around 1920) – The Art Deco period was characterized by a return to the simplicity of basic geometric shapes, clean lines, and pieces with an elegant feel. This gorgeous Art Deco style vintage geometric design area rug, from the mid-20th century, captures the essence of the style that was an answer to the more lavish styles of the late Victorian era and Art Nouveau styles.

Art Deco furniture featured metallic finishes, exotic woods, and lacquered pieces, and wood inlays. The Art Deco movement was all about creating a look of elegance and luxury. Triangular shapes were found in everything from desks to dining room tables. This vintage European deco rug is the perfect complement to rooms that feature angular furniture and subdued neutral colors.

France is considered the birthplace of the Art Deco movement and European pieces, especially those made in France, in this style, are highly prized. This vintage European Art Deco area rug has classic motifs that were found throughout the Art Deco period and helped to define its style. Mid-century modern designers continued to incorporate them into rooms with streamlined, geometric shapes. Today, these design concepts continue to influence modern interior design styles, and this rug fits perfectly into modern, urban room designs.

This vintage European rug is perfect for modern geometric designs that break a few rules. Chevrons, triangles, and other geometric shapes have been popular for several decades. In the beginning of this trend, they were two-toned and in wide swaths of color. Mixing patterns back then was considered breaking the rules. Today’s designers have proven that rules are meant to be broken, and mixing different geometric patterns throughout the space adds interest to contemporary styles.

Here is a beautifully composed vintage rug – an art deco period European carpet, resplendent with a representative art deco design and marked by an impeccable weave. Art Deco rugs such as this example right here, are prized by collectors and admirers of early twentieth century design, especially the bold geometric qualities of art deco pieces. A reciprocal pattern of circles and concave squares constitutes the field of this charming little Arts and Crafts rug, a fascinating study in vintage rugs.

Small rosettes fill the circles while the concave squares are divided into triangular facets of differing color. A closer look of this art deco period carpet reveals that the triangles collectively form diamonds enclosing the circles. As part of this blend of subtlety and graphic boldness, the main design utilizes dark linear emphasis while most of the design is articulated by softer shifts of color. Beautifully composed and featuring a pleasing art deco pattern, this vintage small rug is a delightful composition.

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