Small Soft Color Neutral Simplistic Antique Mongolian Area Rug 2865


Size: 5 ft 3 in x 8 ft 9 in (1.6 m x 2.67 m)

This strikingly lovely antique Mongolian rug has the qualities of classic Chinese and Tibetan rugs.

Artistic Soft Colored Antique Mongolian Area Rug, Woven In: Mongolia, Date Of Weave: Early 20th Century – Here is a rare and exceptional antique Oriental rug – an antique Mongolian composition, originally woven in Mongolia around the turn of the twentieth century. Antique Mongolian rugs and carpets are generally noted for their unique aesthetic, which lies somewhere between that of antique Chinese rugs and that of antique Caucasian rugs.

This strikingly lovely antique Mongolian rug has at first glance the qualities of classic Chinese and Tibetan rugs, the transparent medallions and fretwork borders and lots of open space. But the variegated colors of the ground with different shades of blue and brown against a mottled golden field is distinctively Mongolian. It provides an sense of deep space which, together with the transparent quality of the the linear designs, makes the whole composition appear to float within an endless perspective. Beautifully composed, this antique Mongolian carpet, from the turn of the twentieth century, is a fetching example of a rare and appealing style of antique Oriental rug.

The more abstract approach to the design is broken up by the more contrasting outlines of both the border and medallion. The result is a highly artistic piece that feels as though the design may have been hand drawn onto the more neutral and abstract patterns in the main field. Antique rugs that are as magnificently woven and design as this captivating smaller size antique Mongolian area rug, are so very few and far between.

This is a remarkable Mongolian rug that has a very versatile and transitional impact. The use of more neutral colors, combined with the approach to the design and the relatively smaller rug size, make it quite easy to be able to incorporate into a wide range of decorating styles and interior design approaches.

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