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Swedish Rug– Nazmiyal is pleased to offer collectors, designers and carpet enthusiasts a comprehensive collection of vintage rugs, textiles and art pieces from Sweden. Nazmiyal searches the world to procure the best Scandinavian Ryas, flat-woven Rolakans, art rugs and traditional Flossa pile carpets.

Created during the mid-20th century, vintage Swedish and Scandinavian carpets embody the creative spirit that emerged at the birth of Modernism. Undoubtedly an offshoot of the Aesthetic Movement, Swedish carpets and textiles represent an industry backlash where mass-produced items were shunned and master craftspeople contributed care and creativity to each piece.

Swedish Rug Collection by Nazmiyal
Swedish Rug

Until the late 1920’s, Swedish textiles and carpets were domestic luxury items that were unknown to the world. This changed when the country made a collaborative appearance at the 1925 International Exhibition or Exposition Universelle in Paris.

Mid Century Swedish Rug by Nazmiyal
Mid Century Swedish Rug

The Society of Swedish Homecraft and other government-sponsored organizations united freelance weavers and artists to put their country on the weaving map. Dominated by a young group of artists and master weavers trained in industrial art and design, Swedish weavers and artists upped the ante at an exposition hosted by the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in 1927. This international exposure changed the future for Swedish weavers.

Sweden, a country roughly the size of California, is home to one of the most diverse weaving traditions in the 20th century. Swedish weavers had access to a world-class education in the arts that was augmented by their individual artistic instinct.

Artists and master weavers, such as Marta Maas Fjetterstrom, contributed hundreds of inventive designs that were manufactured in cooperative workshops while others like Marta Gahn, Brita Grahn, Rakel Callander and Anna Greta Sjoquist worked independently.

Vintage Swedish Rug by Nazmiyal
Vintage Swedish Rug

The legacies left by these celebrated master weavers, designers and artists are profound, and their creations span many styles. Imbued with folklore and Scandinavian symbolism, these diverse textiles and carpets woven by master craftspeople are impeccably made using the finest materials.

From the initial inspiration to the laborious process of creating each carpet, the expressive creations of Sweden’s accomplished master weavers represent one of the most comprehensive and diverse weaving cultures. View our collection of modern and antique Swedish carpets to discover the creations of this marvelously eclectic country.

The renewed popularity of mid-century design has reinvigorated the desire for Swedish rugs and Swedish Kilim carpets of this vintage and quality so view the collection now before these Swedes leave town!

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