Vibrant Silk And Wool Swedish Inspired Round Blue Rug 60925

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Size: 9 ft 10 in x 9 ft 10 in (3 m x 3 m)

Vibrant Silk And Wool Modern Swedish Inspired Round Blue Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Indian, Circa date: Modern – The foundation of Swedish and Danish modern design is the combination of elements that reflect the natural world and elements that reflect the built world. This modern Swedish design area rug uses geometric shapes as the foundation of the design. The artist chose rug colors that reflect the earth, sky, and the colors of the summer garden. The organization of the elements against the blue background gives it a touch of Asian flavor, but you can also see other design influences in this versatile contemporary piece.

This magnificent modern area rug has a somewhat formal feel created by the placement of the elements. The artist created contrast, not only in the colors but in the placement of organic floral elements to create a square within the circle. A path of floral motifs interweaves between these two elements and creates yet another layer that ties the others together in a way that creates balance and harmony.

This modern rug from India would be beautiful in front of a deep blue sofa or underneath a round glass top coffee table where you can enjoy the entirety of the design. The artistry gives it a formal feel, but it also has the casual, folk art appeal that helped to define vintage Swedish modern style. The colors are gorgeous and will add vibrant energy to the space.

This rug combines classic mid century modern elements in a way that is perfect for contemporary furniture styles. Round shape area rugs are popular for softening the curves of ultramodern furniture and angular architectural designs. The background creates a natural feel, like the movement of the water in a garden reflecting pool. The artist captured light as if sunlight is reflecting from the water.

The overall effect is a magnificent piece that will be the finishing touch to your retro or Scandi inspired interior design. This soft and artistic silk and wool rug has an elegant flavor and ancient feel, but it also fits into a range of modern design styles for traditional to modern design. The artist brings the influences of many different artistic styles together to create a piece that is breathtaking and will give your room a touch of elegance and charm.

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