Colorful Modern Swedish Design Rug 61118


Size: 10 ft 1 in x 13 ft 10 in (3.07 m x 4.22 m)

Colorful Modern Swedish Design Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Indian, Circa date: Modern – This colorful rug will make an excellent addition for those who want to add a splash of color to their space. Swedish rugs have been a part of modern decor since the middle of the 20th century. They are known for their natural elements that reflect the intersection between the natural and man-made worlds. This is a modern rug created in India using the traditional elements of Swedish design.

One trend that has become popular this year is the addition of bold colors and lots of them. This rug reminds you of a brilliant summer garden in full bloom. The blues in the center of the design give the appearance of a natural reflecting pool, which is reminiscent of those found in the ancient palaces in courtyards of long ago.

This rug is an artistic piece that shows a high level of creativity in both color and abstract design. It brings vibrancy and energy to the space in both its colors and the way the artist used shapes and lines to create movement within the design space. This piece would be an excellent addition to a contemporary space and would be a delight for the maximalist who can’t get enough color.

The best part is that this rug allows you almost endless choices in the colors you choose to use with it. The rug is the foundation of the room and sets the tone for the furniture and other decorations. This rug brings a playful feel to the space and would be an excellent addition to a creative space or home office. You could easily see it in a craft room or room for entertainment.

The rug has a natural feel with its organic shapes, but the artist also pays homage to the man-made world with the inclusion of angles and hard lines. The result is a piece that can be described as nothing more than a modern work of art that will be a beautiful addition to any modern space.

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