Spectacular Silk And Wool Modern Swedish Design Area Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Indian, Circa date: Modern – The combination of silk and wool gives this rug a soft feel underfoot and a lustrous shine that highlights the graphic elements of the design. This is a modern Indian rug that reflects many of the design elements that were found in Swedish mid-century modern area rugs. This is a versatile Swedish inspired area rug that is perfect for many upcoming style trends.

Blue is the color that designers turn to when they want to create a calm and peaceful feeling in the space. Gentle curves also add to the balance and harmony of the modern area rug. The artist infused these elements with angular features and pops of contrasting color to create a rug that is the perfect foundation for a retro-inspired modern room design.

The blue background of the Swedish design rug is the perfect base for touches of warm maroon and burnt orange dots. The background has a modern, industrial feel with playful elements superimposed for a piece that is unique and colorful. The artist used line and form to create movement and distance within the piece. This adds subtle texture to the visual elements of the room.

Rooted in the history of vintage Scandinavian rugs, this piece is the perfect touch for a room of minimalist furniture in blues or the accent colors of the rug. This modern Swedish inspired blue area rug adds color to an all-white space, and it would be an excellent choice for adding energy and a dynamic feel to the room. The focal point of the Swedish inspired rug is off center, which gives it an urban modern and edgy feel.

One of the key features of modern design trends is that you can create a space that reflects your unique personality. There is a growing trend away from pieces that look mass-manufactured and moving toward unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, such as this rug. This captivating rug will make a charming addition to your contemporary or vintage Scandi inspired interior design.

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