Amazing Beige Silk And Wool Modern Swedish Style Area Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Indian, Circa date: Modern – This modern Swedish design area rug has an edgy, exotic feel that is a combination of modern design elements and the vintage inspired patterns we generally associate with the vintage Scandinavian rugs. The design is earthy and has the feel of animal prints that were popular in mid century modern rugs and designs and that continue to add a natural element to our contemporary spaces. This modern rug, that was woven in India, has an earthy feel that will give the room a grounded and balanced atmosphere.

This would be the perfect foundation for a room filled with plants. Deep greens and rich, saturated colors will create a coy feel in the space. The design of the rug highlights the contrast in the combination of angular and circular elements. The sweeping curves create movement in several different directions, but the artist also infused order into the design using classic rug design elements. This silk and wool area rug has a classic border and field design, which gives it a formal feel that is perfect for ultra modern furniture with open spaces underneath.

A black leather couch with either rich, natural wood-grained or chrome legs will create a striking room design using this rug as the foundation. You could create a warm feel by adding textured animal-fur-inspired elements and a few velveteen or arm-knit throws. This rug uses silk and wool which gives it a lustrous sheen and soft feel underfoot.

This would be the perfect area rug for serving as the central focal point of the room to create a cozy conversation area or modern dining room area. This silk and wool modern Swedish style area rug could be the inspiration for an African-themed space with its primitive feel and nature inspired design. This is a gorgeous and imaginative piece that sparks your creativity and allows you to create a room that inspires you and adds an element that is mysterious and intriguing. It is the great rug option for a range of modern design and Scandi inspired home decorating styles.

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