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Artistic Rugs – Mid-century artists used color, shape, and emotion to evoke a certain feeling. They believed that art should do something more than to please the eye. Artists such as Henri Matisse, Wassily Kadinsky, Andy Warhol, and Paul Evans created iconic pieces that transformed the way the world viewed art and its relationship to both the artist and the viewer. These works were created in many different mediums, including rugs that graced the interiors of mid-century homes.

These artists also had a vast influence on other artists. Sometimes, they created works that were not signed. Many of the artistic styles of these icons are clearly recognizable, but even if they are, many of them lack the signature and marks that leave the artist in question. These masters also took on students, whose work could look similar to that of their master. Many tried to mimic their style, so without proof, you cannot assume that the piece is attributable to a particular artist.

Nazmiyal Welcomes Our Newest Artistic Rug Collection

Nazmiyal is happy to introduce our collection of artistic rugs featuring master artworks from mid-century artists. Some of them have a distinctive style that resembles the work of one of these icons, but they lack those telltale signs of absolute origin. None the less, they are beautiful pieces for your home or office. They give the room a distinctive mid-century feel and are beautiful pieces on their own.

Modern Basquiat Inspired Art Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Basquiat Inspired Art Rugs

The artistic rugs go beyond the beauty of the color and lines. They take you into a world that stirs the emotions and spark deep contemplation. All of these rugs make an excellent addition to a retro or vintage style. They add an iconic look to the room and pair well with pieces made of plastic, Lucite, glass, and steel. In a room where a majority of the pieces emphasize form and function, these deeply emotional rugs add contrast and create interest.

Express Your Artistic Style

The expressive and artistic rugs are the perfect beginning to a style that has a modern feel, or you can create space that is retro-inspired. In an authentic mid-century room, rugs from this collection capture the iconic mood of the era beautifully. Some of these pieces are abstract expressionist, while others are pop art or have a 1960’s vibe. They are unique pieces, and the collection changes continually. You never know what you might find, but it is always fresh and exciting.

Rugs, especially the more artistic rugs, no longer take a back seat in interior design. They are often one of the first design choices that are made by professionals. They serve as inspiration for the rest of the room and set the tone. We invite you to look around this collection and browse the delightful pieces that it has to offer. You might just find something that is a bit out of the ordinary that sparks your creative juices and allows you to create a unique space that expresses your personal style.

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