Large Decorative Soft Neutral Light Blue Abrash Tribal Nomadic Modern Rug 11817


Size: 13 ft 8 in x 19 ft 6 in (4.17 m x 5.94 m)

A Magnificently Decorative Large Size Soft Neutral Color Light Blue Abrash Tribal Nomadic Design Modern Rug, Country Of Origin: Central Asia, Circa Date: Modern Rug – Blue and brown are the colors of choice when you want to bring an organic and natural feel to the space. They are also two of the more popular colors in this year’s favorite interior designs. Browns and blues always create a sense of calmness and tranquility in the space, and the organic design of this large size area rug takes this idea even further.

The artist gave this modern rug an aged effect, much like the water that has weathered a painted surface below. It has a timeless quality and exotic look that sparks your imagination and sense of wonder about what stories it would tell. Brown and blue are essentials for a neutral palette. They evoke a feeling of being in nature in the space and are the perfect backdrop for some potted plants, natural basketry, and fine art pieces made from natural materials.

This year, browns are being incorporated into interior space in new and innovative ways. You can pair them with classics, like the blues and browns of this piece, or you can add a few grays to deepen the neutral palette. Greens are a popular color for both blue and brown because they add to the natural theme of the color palette.

Biophilic nature centric interior design and dopamine design are both ideals that continue to gain ground in interior design. Both refer to the ability to create a space that brings you joy and makes you feel relaxed when you are in it. The soft neutral colors of this rug are an excellent way to bring this feeling to your space.

Our homes are meant to be a place where we can retreat from the stresses of the world, and the area rugs, furniture pieces, and artwork must enhance this feeling. This beautifully abrashed area rug is a perfect match for a room of contemporary furniture with minimal legs and a retro feel. It is a creative and inspired piece that will be loved for many years.

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