Pastel Tones Primitive Motifs Modern Large Rug 11806


Size: 14 ft x 18 ft (4.27 m x 5.49 m)

Gorgeous Pastel Tones Primitive Motifs Modern Large Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – This beautiful, modern piece in pastel tones gives you a perfect way to change the look of your neutral space, without changing the overall feel. The shapes on this rug are primitive and inspired by the beautiful designs you find on traditional rugs created by the Berber tribes of the Caucasus Mountains. They are also similar to those found in African designs. The rug has a primitive feel, but it also has a look that will upgrade your contemporary space.

The light overall color of this rug will help to create an open feel and make the room feel more spacious. The primitive motifs have a tribal feel that could complement South Western decor or an African tribal theme. It would also be perfectly at home with plenty of textured throw pillows and your collection of plants.

The rug has an organic feel and would make an excellent addition to a seating area beneath a living wall. It would complement other natural materials, such as stone tile or sustainable corkwood. Spaces that bring a touch of the outdoors inside are becoming important in modern offices and homes. Architectural trends focus on biophilic shapes and designs that mimic the natural world. Interior design trends mimic this approach give your indoor spaces a feeling of the outdoors. This rug is a perfect way to blend outdoor and indoor spaces.

The design of this rug is primitive and gives it a folk art character. This feature makes it perfect for a Japanese Wabi Sabi-style room or for one that honors the natural world. When we spend time outdoors, it creates a sense of serenity and calmness. It would make an excellent selection for a yoga space or spa setting. This rug will help you bring this same feeling of peace to your indoor space and transform it into a space of tranquility.

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