Oversized Neutral Ivory Cream Modern Decorative Contemporary Rug 11852

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Size: 17 ft 8 in x 21 ft 1 in (5.38 m x 6.43 m)

Charming Oversized Neutral Ivory Cream Modern Decorative Contemporary Rug, Country of origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern RugsLight color rugs in neutral creams and ivories are staples when it comes to creating a neutral design. This beautiful, unique oversized rug is a gorgeous piece that adds texture and a hint of warm brown to the space. The simple design and color of this geometric rug sparks endless design ideas. It is a versatile piece that will bring a light and airy feel to the space.

The gently shifting browns and simple lines add a subtle design to the modern rug that gives it just enough interest, but not too much for a minimalist space. Neutrals are still the mainstay of the design world, but the trend is moving away from the cold blues and grays of the past toward warmer tones. Browns are the perfect way to warm up a neutral palette and make it even cozier. This rug is an excellent addition to an established neutral palette in cooler tones, or you could set the stage for a warmer palette by layering in the browns.

This year, you will see more tone-on-tone palettes in the interior design world. A color scheme of whites, creams, and ivories is a class that always gives the room a fresh, clean look. Lighter colors tend to add a light feel to space and make it feel more open.

Neutrals and tone-on-tone are easy choices when using this ivory cream color area rug, but it is also the perfect canvas for adding color to the furniture and accessories. The cream and brown combination of this minimalist design rug is a perfect match for other warm colors on the red side of the spectrum. You might try rust, burnt orange, burgundy, or deep browns. It is light enough to consider some soft peach or lighter pinks.

The simplicity of this tribal rug sparks the imagination and makes it suitable for a range of design styles. It is a contemporary piece that is an excellent foundation for exploring your creativity and creating a space that suits your style.

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