Oversized Decorative Contemporary Moroccan Area Rug 60944

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Size: 15 ft 2 in x 20 ft 7 in (4.62 m x 6.27 m)

A Beautiful Oversized Decorative Modern Moroccan Area Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – The subtle design and warm colors of this beautiful, oversized area rug have a natural feel and pay homage to the iconic vintage Moroccan rugs. This modern rug was created in Afghanistan, but its design was inspired by the rugs produced by the Beni Ourain rug weavers who have inhabited the Atlas Mountains of Morocco for thousands of years. This inspired modern Moroccan rug recreates and reimagines these primitive designs in a way that is contemporary and perfect for modern and especially Moroccan inspired interiors.

The colors of this rug include a modern combination of soft pinks and subtle blues. This gives the rug a balanced feel that it will bring to the room design. Unlike the rugs that inspired it, the motifs used in this rug are subtle and gentle on the eye. They are of a smaller scale and do not use the high-contrast color schemes of the originals. The advantage is that this allows the rug to be used in a minimalist room design, but it still allows you to keep the overall feel that you love about the magnificent rugs from Morocco.

This oversized modern Moroccan inspired area rug would be a beautiful addition to a room of subtle browns or grays. You could use the tone of the rug as inspiration for adding colorful throw pillows or a piece of artwork to the walls. The rug has a natural, organic feel that would be the perfect companion for a few art pieces made from natural woods, stone, basketry, and textile art.

If you are a lover of contemporary furniture, decorating with our modern Moroccan area rugs allows you to add softness to the design that features furniture with simple geometric shapes in solid colors. If your style is a little more Boho Chic, this rug would make the perfect foundation for a room of nature-inspired furniture. The best part about this modern rug is that it allows you to express your style in a way that is modern and fresh.

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