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So below you can find our selection of more abstract rugs or those rugs that are or simply some solid color or somewhere more artistic between the floral and the geometric:

Learn More About Our Abstract Rugs and Rugs That Do Not Boast A Regular Floral / Geometric Approach To Their Design

Non descript and solid or more abstract rugs – While most antique rugs will fall neatly withing the two main design approach of – geometric rugs and floral rugs, there are a lot of other types of rugs that simply don’t fit in either of these rug pattern designations. That is why we created this category to house all those types of rugs that simply can group into one of the two main approaches.

Some of the rugs in this section will showcase rug designs that are very abstract and fluid like some of the most captivating antique art deco rugs, others may feature no design at all. Many of the iconic vintage Moroccan rugs may only boast a splash of color or variation of colors in an abstract way. Other types of rugs, especially the newer modern rugs as well as those rugs that have been custom made, might feature faint patterns and ghosty designs.

It is important to note that the rugs featured in this category may have been woven any point in time. We are not separating out the vintage from the modern and the antique. Not only were these rugs woven at different point in time throughout history, the rugs here come from a wide range of origins as well.

Artistic Abstract Vintage Scandinavian Rug by Brita Molin 48513 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Artistic Abstract Vintage Scandinavian Rug by Brita Molin #48513

We will also include in this category the beautiful textile and embroideries that we cant call “floral” or “geometric”. These examples will include piece like the iconic mid century modern Verner Panton textiles and fabrics that we currently have available. We can also expect to see works by famous textile designers and rugs by artists. Examples of these may include works by artist Robert Jacobsen and Jan Cremer as well as some of the more iconic 20th century artists such as Paul Klee , Andy Warhol and Corneille as examples.

Abstract Design Oversized Beige Modern Rug #60956 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Abstract Design Oversized Beige Modern Rug #60956

In addition to the above mentioned rugs, you might also find in this category, for example, Persian rugs that boast such primitive designs. Most of these will probably be tribal rugs that do not conform to the standard design format may also be found here.

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